Saturday, March 22, 2014

Let’s Talk Strollers, Doubles that is

I’m still in the planning mode of trying to figure out what on earth we should do. I’m so thankful for so many moms with more than one who have already gone before me! Thank you so much for all your advice on the room and bed situation for Elizabeth. After talking through everyone’s feedback I think we are going to keep her in her current room and in the crib. We will reassess the crib thing as we go, so far she’s not trying to climb out. Since we have a pack and play and access to another crib, kicking her out so to speak, won’t be necessary.

It was so valuable to us to hear all different sides and stories. We really hadn’t thought about the fact that she’s probably already attached to her room and booting her may be insensitive. As soon as we mulled that one over we knew she had to stay put. (since she can)

So that brings us to our next dilemma. Right now we are stroller hoarders. We’ve been given two of our three as a gift so you can all breathe a sigh of relief! That being said, we have our Uppababy Vista, a single jogging stroller, and our Chicco umbrella stroller. With baby #2 on the way we will need something that will accommodate two children.

When we picked the Uppababy we didn’t think we would be having more than one and figured if we did we could add the rumbleseat and make it a tandem double. BUT the rumbleseat is only good up to 35 pounds and Elizabeth is 28. Also she is 35 inches and it may be a tight squeeze on height. Plus it attaches to the back of the stroller, so she would not be facing out but at the back of the seat.

We have narrowed our search down to two options but are open to suggestions. Must haves include:

-Tires that would be able to go over a woodchip path. We walk around a very close pond often and this would be necessary. (Uppababy doesn’t but CM GT does)

-Ability to hold 2 kids. (both)

-Don’t need to be able to run with it. Let’s be honest, with a single jogger, I’m always going to opt to just take one kid. That’s hard enough

-Ability to accommodate a car seat adapter for the baby (both)

-MUST fit through a normal doorway. (both)

Option #1. Keep our Uppababy Vista


Pros: Keep our Uppababy and add the rumbleseat ($100), being able to use the bassinet as a sleep space for the baby (not on the stroller), allows us to use the stroller as a single or double, can accommodate a carseat and Elizabeth, tandem ride. Would eventually have to sell once Elizabeth no longer fit in the rumbleseat. If we wait to sell it will depreciate more.

Other option: Baby Jogger City Mini GT ($389-which is $200 off MSRP right now)

city mini gt

-Would need to sell our Uppababy but after selling, this stroller would be free. Would accommodate both kids for a longer period of time. Can fit through a doorway, has some suspension/all terrain tires, accommodates two kids and a carseat if needed (with extra accessory), folds up relatively small and is fairly lightweight.

What would you do? What have you done? What other options have I missed?

ps…we are headed to a local store that has both of these options to test drive…maybe that will help!


  1. My best friend has a 'city mini gt' knock-off I am not sure of the exact name of it off hand? But I will try and track it down for you. At any rate, she loves it. I have pushed it a few times and it is really smooth and turns easily. It also collapses and un-collapses really well and fits in the back of her mini-van nicely. I am so happy you have #2 on the way. :) I was just having great memories lately of small group at Patrick and Charlies on the U of M campus (back in the day) and I always looked forward to the prayer time with just you, me and Angela! ...Also camping in the freezing cold of May?! Were we all nuts or what? Later Gator.

  2. Also both of my sisters have used the sit and stand stroller not sure of the brand, but I know that they are called sit and stand. They are nice ...really nice and very easy to push- they seem to take up less space in the back of a vehicle too, (they are more long when collapsed than wide compared to the "city mini gt' knock off. hope this helps :)