Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I’m already daydreaming.

This baby will be here before we know it, especially since I keep forgetting I’m pregnant and the weeks just keep ticking by. I’m far less concerned, this time around, about getting a place for the baby ready and more absorbed with what will happen to Elizabeth.

We have a great layout of bedrooms on our first floor with three all grouped together. So my now office/craft room will turn into either the new nursery or Elizabeth’s big girl room. My first inclination was to keep the nursery the nursery if we have another girl but now I’m waffling. Should we keep Elizabeth in her room no matter what?

I have all sorts of questions running through my mind and I know there are so many seasoned moms whose advice I would love. So here we go…

1. Keep Elizabeth in her room or move her before the baby comes? If the baby is a boy, Elizabeth will stay in her room no matter what. Does this even matter? We’re all about not creating entitlement but at the same time want this to go as smoothly as possible.

2. Elizabeth will be 27 months old when the baby arrives. We are waffling as well on whether or not to transition her to a big girl bed beforehand. I’ve heard pros and cons…here’s your chance to weigh in. Either way the baby can sleep in the pack in play but I feel like it may be worth tackling while we have the chance. I’ve heard success and horror stories…please weigh in.

3. She will move to a twin bed. We feel like that is the most economical way to go and it’s the only size bed our bedrooms will accommodate without losing all of our floor space. My brother and I had twin beds all the way through until college and he was 6’2” so I know that it can work. But here’s the thing…is it even possible to choose a twin bed that can last style wise that long?

Here are the options we are considering:

PicMonkey Collage


1. Have Alex build the Lydia Daybed from Ana White. I LOVE this bed and especially love that it can be a daybed or twin bed. Although I’m pretty certain this does not have teen appeal. My first choice would be to have him stretch out her closet and build a bed into that space but that is wishful thinking:)

2. Find a used Jenny Lind twin bed and paint it. This one is from Land of Nod but out of the price range. Issue with this is that people are getting smart and realizing that Jenny Lind beds are back in style and finding a deal is harder to do.

3. Buy the Pottery Barn Hamptons Classic bed in white. Simple, classic, and could last forever. Not sure I love it. Otherwise we could go the upholstered headboard route as well but again I’m not the biggest fan for a girls room.

4. This is my old twin bed that I had as a kid. It was a canopy bed so we would have to cut down the posts and do a little work on them to make it work. I broke one of the posts trying to swing around it:) If we went this route we would paint it a fun color and it could always be repainted later.

Any thoughts?

We have some pretty kiddywampus room layouts as well which would not allow any of the twin beds to have one side against a wall. So we would need rails for awhile on any one we choose. Are there alternatives to rails because they’re kind of an eyesore?



  1. We transitioned Cate to a new room and twin bed at 34 months - no rails - about a month before Connor came along. She was not a 'fall out of bed' type kid. Now, I still wouldn't trust Connor in twin bed w/o rails and he is 45 mo - I'm always finding him half laying on the floor out of his toddler bed. Guess it depends on the kid. She loved moving to a big girl room with a new bed and furniture, updated colors and 'big girl stuff' in it - made her feel special even though we were working on a room for her little brother at the time as well.

    I love the Jenny Lind - went with a similar style for Cate, but a metal frame, and love it. My second choice would be your old bed. How fun is it that she would sleep in your same bed?! I like that idea.

    Love all these decisions you have to make! So exciting!

  2. Andrea! Congratulations on the baby on the way!! SO exciting! Rejoicing with you, God is good :)