Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend recap

I’m not quite sure I remember what we did this weekend. Nothing noteworthy or genuinely remarkable but we spent the time together and that’s what really mattered. After a few weeks of being here and there, spending time just the three of us was good for our family.

Errands, cartoons, the pool, chores, helping friends move, movies, sleep.

All around a great weekend especially since I finally caught this on camera:

DSC_0025 (4)

Elizabeth standing directly under the waterfall at the pool with a big grin on her face. And if you look closely her right leg is about to start stomping. That’s her new thing. She stomps her foot when she’s excited about whatever is going on. To music, when we understand her, tasting ice cream; if it’s exciting to her, her foot starts stomping. And along with the stomping has come clapping.

We used to visit a local church occasionally and when the men and women were worshipping instead of raising their hands they would clap to show honor to God (or at least I think that’s why they were doing it). But Elizabeth’s clapping is similar…when she’s really happy or excited, when we’ve understood her, when she wants to let us know she likes it or wants more, she starts clapping.

I think I’ve brought out all of these in her. I stomp around the house singing songs, I started clapping and saying “yay!” when she did something correctly and now we have a clapping and stomping baby. It’s down right hilarious.

And again I’m reminded how much she mimics everything we do.

Happy Monday…did you have fun this past weekend?

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