Wednesday, August 7, 2013

wake of a storm

Gathered as neighbors sharing a meal. Departing early as the clouds changed from blue to grey. And just like that the storm was upon us.


And in the aftermath we all gathered again. Taking in the fallen leaves, the downed trees, the damage to homes and cars. Chattering about the gusts of wind and the power lines lost.


Just like that neighbors went from sharing a meal to helping a hand. And the scene is no different as the sun came up this morning. Chain saws purring, sap covered hands. As we all pitch in to clean up the mess.


We’re lucky I guess you could say…we cut our age old trees down months back, certain now they would have found their home upon our home or more unfortunate, a neighbor’s home. With very few trees in our yard our damage in minimal but the same can’t be said for those who live within yards of us.


Winds were stirring up last night, hail thrashing against the glass panes of our house, Elizabeth soundly sleeping through the storm. Somehow this all seems fitting given the eve of the storm. Neighborhood night out.


What a way to meet your neighbors than by offering a helping hand in the aftermath of a storm. Coming together…sawing, sweeping, helping, gathering.


We’re hoping the power returns soon but until then we’re enjoying this slower pace of life a storm brought in this Wednesday morning.


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