Monday, September 2, 2013

to fall in love

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. The day I stood in the Dunn Brother’s where I worked, chatting to a co-worker who once dated my now-husband, about the guy who caught my eye. And then I did what I still cannot believe I did. I emailed him asking him to hit golf balls later in the afternoon. I was never shy around guys but I don’t think up until then I had ever “asked” a guy out.

Shockingly he said yes. And after a couple of dates, I knew he was the one. Deep down to my very toes I just knew. But he had other thoughts. He sat me down over coffee and gave me the dreaded “I think we should just be friends” chat. And I walked out neither sad nor angry nor frustrated.

Instead I walked out knowing he would eventually change his mind.


I just knew he was the man God had brought into my life to be my husband. Previously I had dated two other fellows I thought might be worthy of the altar but neither relationship ended with a future in sight.

My college boyfriend of three years was my first love. And it took me almost the same amount of time for my broken heart to heal. He was a believer, funny, full of grace, gentle and totally laid back. And then there was the hometown sweetheart, friend of our family, who had me wrapped around his little finger. There was just something about him. Obviously it didn’t last long and it was all spark and no flame. But he was the other side of the college boy; determined, hard working, secure, and most importantly he played golf.

What I knew after our first real date was that the guy I happened to cross paths with in our post-college bible study was the perfect combination of the fellows who had once stolen my heart. He was the total package.


And then a few months later, while stuck in a canoe for two down a long winding river, we got to know each other fast. And to add wood to the fire, it rained the entire 48 hour canoe trip. Nothing like seeing a true representation of the person before you. And before I knew it my entire summer was consumed with the man who captured my heart.

Today we’re celebrating 7 years of marriage. And the only thing I can tell you is that I am not the same woman he married. I’m better.

And I’m better because of him.

This morning I pinched myself because this life I get to live, all the pretty and the ugly intermixed, is my dream come true.

Gina Zeidler Photography

photo courtesy of Gina Zeidler Photography

To walk alongside the one whom my soul loves…

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