Thursday, April 18, 2013

what we’re loving now {april}

Finding joy in the little things is keeping us sane in our house as the snow continues to fall outside. I’m not sure if this is a record for latest spring snowfall or not but either way we’re keeping busy and trying to keep our spirits up.

In the last month or two we have found some new favorites; everything from things for mom to things for baby and I thought I’d share them this snowy afternoon!

west elm zipper pouches








I bought the medium metallic zipper case to use when Elizabeth goes to the nursery. The best part is that they’re super inexpensive (especially when on sale), lined with a vinyl material (think wet bag) and they can be monogrammed and shipped for free. I monogrammed the front of ours with E’s name and it’s perfect for filling with diapers and wipes for nursery when I drop her off.

vicks vaporizor & nosefrida

Elizabeth is on the verge of getting her canine teeth and every time teething comes around so does a runny nose and cold like symptoms. We’re big fans of our nosefrida (I also really like the little noses aspirator) and vaporizer. The vaporizer runs all night long and keeps things nice and humid in her room. We don’t run a humidifier since we have a whole house version on our furnace but this is a great alternative when cold season hits.

world market accessories


I love this store! Walking through there feels like I went on a tropical vacation especially now with all of their spring and summer merchandise out. I bought the shower curtain and placemats a couple of months ago and they have made a world of difference in our house. Our bathroom is now my favorite place to be due to the bright and cheery colors going on in there. The baskets are also great for stowing magazines up off the floor where our paper monster cannot reach them!

island moonlight candle

If you love the volcano candle at Anthropologie, which I of course do, then you will love that this less expensive version located in the aisles of your local Target store offers the very same dreamy fragrance for a fraction of the price. yay!

So there you go…

what have you fun new things have you found this spring?

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