Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elizabeth: 10 Months Old

60 more days give or take and our baby has been here, with us, for an entire year. That seems crazy. The years of waiting seemed to take forever and now life is passing us by in seconds. Month 10 was delightful to sum it up in one word.


There she is in all her curious, giggly, and serious moods. She loves that blankie! I never knew what lovie she would end up with and of course, she loves the biggest blanket she owns…figures, just like her momma.

Elizabeth is delightful. That’s my favorite word to describe her. Content most of the time, curious and very in tune with what is going on around her. She is silly and just this month began initiating peek-a-boo. It’s hilarious and she’s also content to play peek-a-boo all by herself. She loves to be near us and as long as we’re in the same room, she’s happy to play on her own. She loves “reading” books especially touch and feel books. It’s so cute to watch her find the fuzzy parts and touch them. She also loves our vent covers on the floor (so much Alex just “glued” them down with caulk) and anything she can get her hands on that is not a toy.

Month 10 ushered in some new abilities. Elizabeth took her first steps a couple of days before turning 10 months. I couldn’t be happier. I was beginning to dread a summer crawling outside on her knees and now maybe by the time summer is in full swing she’ll be more proficient on her feet. She’s clapping toys together but still can’t quite seem to get her hands to do it on their own and waving is a whole arm production that can happen on cue some of the time. But she can play “so big” and raise her hands at the correct time. We do how big is God but she can also do it when asking “how big is Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth doing “so big”

And while she’s babbling up a storm, this month’s favorite’s are “oooooo” and “dadadadada,” she doesn’t have any set words other than “uh-oh” which she now says almost entirely at the correct time.

Elizabeth’s first steps

10 months


  1. She is so sweet with her blankie :)

    We have several blankies for our little guy and I am excited to see which one he will prefer too!

  2. She's precious! That age is soooo fun :) and sounds like you are enjoying it a lot.