Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Read-Aloud Log

Books bring joy to my heart. I could fill an entire day with my nose fixed between the pages reveling in the story unfolding. The other day Alex and I were reminiscing over our childhoods and I was conveying my inexperience with kid TV, only having seen Duck Tales and others in my later grade school years and only at the houses of friends. He was amazed and wondered what on earth I did after school.

I read. TV was very much a part of our house growing up, but we all loved to read. You’d find us all with the television on but our eyes glued to the book in our hands. Of course, I did other things like play with Barbie's, play outside, watch TV, but I loved to read. I think it was mainly my mother’s influence, although my dad loves to read as well. But it was my mom who took us to the library, climbed into my bed and read to me, even until I was much, much older. There’s something about having a book read to you that is so comforting. Little House, Julie and her wolves, Hatchet, and more unfolded through the voice of my mother.

I’ve loved sharing my love of literature with Elizabeth although it’s taken her some time to be interested. We’ve finally hit the point, 9 months in, where she’ll sit through a story, try to turn pages, and is interested in the artwork.

Jenny, a friend from church (acquaintance?) has started keeping a log of books she reads to her little boys and I loved the idea. I loosely keep track of what I’ve read so I find it natural to do the same with the books Elizabeth and I read through the month.

So in the future if you are interested in finding our read-aloud log just click on “read-aloud log” from the side bar and you’ll find our lists.

Here’s what we are reading in April:


American Museum of Natural History. Spot the Animals: A lift the flap

Campbell, Rod. Dear Zoo (we own)

Crow, Nosy. Noodle Loves the Farm

Degan, Bruce. Jamberry (we own)

Dwell Studio. Good Night, Owl

Siminovich, Lorena. I Like Fruit: touch and feel

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Swing

Stoop, Naoko. All Creatures Great and Small

Thoms, Susan Collins . Noah’s Ark

van Genechten, Guido. Daddies and Their Babies


Definitely All Creatures Great and Small…the illustrations are gorgeous and the hymn, well it’s a classic. Elizabeth has loved Noodle Loves the Farm for the touch and feel aspect and we both love Jamberry.

What great books have you and your kiddos read this month?


  1. I thought about Elizabeth the other day while reading Jamberry to Poppy. I've got quite the little bookworm, so read-aloud log would be a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love to read as well, and one of the things I miss about living in the States is the library! I tried to stock up on Goodwill book finds to our little guy because I don't have easy access to books down here in Guatemala.

    I will enjoy seeing your reading lists to know which ones to look for when I visit the States.