Friday, February 22, 2013

Elizabeth–8 months old

Change is upon us…our baby is growing up!

Our sweet, even tempered, brown eyed girl has accomplished so much this past month. Most days I look in her eyes and wonder what on earth is going on in her little head. She’s taking in information as fast as she can and it’s so much fun to watch her learn.

8 weeks old


8 months old

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My how she’s grown!

This month has proven to be the most filled with change yet. She’s learned to crawl, sprouted four more teeth!, taken a strong interest in solid food, begun babbling more, and began sleeping (mostly) through the night. Quite the month.

Elizabeth has 6 teeth already and I’m certain the next two will be in soon. But like everything else she has gone about teething in her own way. After the bottom two came up the next pair to come in were the lower lateral incisors. And after those she sprouted her upper lateral incisors. So the next two we are waiting for: those 2 FRONT TEETH!

This has probably been my favorite month for so many different reasons but mainly just because I love watching her determination and curiosity grow. She is SO determined; nothing stops her. A fall down and get back up kinda girl. She’s keeping us on our toes literally as she went from taking a few cautious crawling steps forward to now being able to quickly crawl wherever she wants to be. And just this last week she’s been insistent on trying to pull herself up and then trying to stand all on her own. I’m thinking walking may not be that far away!

And as far as food is concerned, purees are out and food is in. Watching her master eating has been one of the most fun things we’ve seen her do. It’s crazy to think she only has 6 teeth but can manage to eat a wide range of food. This month her favorites included Baracoa with guacamole, teriyaki chicken and roasted vegetables, lasagna, and steel cut oats. Getting excited to eat is an understatement!

As far as everyday life, our curious little girl keeps us on our toes as everything that isn’t a toy has become her favorite. From computer cords to playing cards, everything is fair game. We’ve stepped up our baby proofing around here although somehow she still finds things she shouldn’t have!

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