Friday, February 1, 2013

Color Conundrum

I’m in the midst of tackling my office/craft room/extra-bedroom-that-i-called-mine and I’m stuck. SO much of our house right now is stuck in neutrals. Because it fits what we have going and looks good with our 1950’s originals. But I LOVE color. So I’m hoping that my space, until or if there ever is another baby, will be laden with color and so far I’m still stuck in neutral land. Ugh.

Back when I worked part-time at Crate and Barrel they were getting rid of a floor model chair, because of a hair line fracture in one of the legs, to employees. I knew that Alex could fix the leg and so we scored the $2000 custom chair for $150. And now it’s in my office. I love it so much!


You may recognize the fabric if you read Young House Love…they used it on their headboard and to make some curtains for their book. Although I’m not sure I would have accented the fabric the same way they did in their book I am looking to highlight the teal and chartreuse. Here’s the fabric up close:


The walls in my office are a light gray and I’m hoping to find a rug and curtains that highlight the teal and chartreuse. Harder than I thought. Right now I’m just happy because Alex still holds his certification in ASID and we can still get a discount on fabric. I’m hoping that we don’t have to go that route and I can find a more inexpensive option but at least I know that option is out there. So far chevron is all I can come up with and I feel like that's been overplayed. And I’ve almost exhausted my resources. UGH! So that’s where you come in…


Where do you like to find fabrics and rugs?


Have you seen anything out there that you would pair with the chair:)

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  1. I don't have any great ideas for you, but I just had to tell you that I absolutely love that chair! What a great find. Can't wait to have a house so I can get started on decorating - even if it is challenging at times!