Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last night’s crazy

Some would call the four of us crazy for what we did last night. Others will wish they were there. And still others will wonder why we did what we did.


Anne, Dana, baby Lewis and I ventured out into the crisp air to go and see some of our favorite bloggers, Young House Love. We’ve all been keeping up on their blog for awhile now and I love *them*. This is the crazy thing behind blogging…you always feel like you know them even when you don’t.

photo 2

I started blogging and reading blogs right around the time Alex and I got married. First I started a family blog, then I started food blogging, and then both of those gave way to this blog. So for over 6 years I’ve been immersed in blogdom. Crazy. And through blogging I’ve met some very dear friends, ministered to many people or so they’ve told me, and shared our life through words. I love blogging whether people read our blog or not:)

Which brings me back to Young House Love. I’ve been reading their blog almost since the beginning when they were This Young House. I remember some of their earliest projects, was their through their pregnancy and birth of their daughter, watched as their friendship grew with fellow blogger Katie Bower, and have sent hundreds of emails to my husband asking if “we could just do this” in our house!

So last night, we bundled up, parked nearby and waited in line for 3 hours to meet them and have them sign our books. And even though the line was long and we grew weary, by the time we got up there we smiled like silly little schoolgirls excited beyond belief that we were meeting them in person.

Somehow, it’s the little things that make us the giddiest. And a special thanks to my husband and in-laws for watching Elizabeth and forcing bottles so that I could get out with friends for a special night of crazy. I may or may not have called home a few times to check in and after the second time was told firmly by my husband to stop calling and enjoy myself. Sometimes us mommas need someone to tell us to let go. And from then on, I did just that!

Thanks Anne and Dana for joining me in the fun!

Have you ever gone out for a book signing?

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  1. That sounds fun! I read their blog sometimes too.

    I should mention that I am glad I found your blog - I have checked your pregnancy posts a time or two to see if you felt like I am feeling now, and I left feeling encouraged. Thanks for blogging! :)