Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Months Old

To say these 5 months have been the easiest 5 months of my life would be a lie, it’s been hard, but they have definitely been some of the best. I can’t imagine our lives without Elizabeth in them, even if it has meant giving up some prior conceived liberties and so-called necessities.

I never would have imagined a few years ago that on my 32 birthday (in a few days) I would have a 5 month old. When you are in the midst of infertility and the thought of having babies seems so unlikely, the hope of children slowly diminishes. To say we are thankful this Thanksgiving is an understatement. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t offer up thanks for this little girl who has so innocently stolen our hearts. We just keep praying for many, many days with her; to watch her grow and mature. Hard to believe that she’s already beginning her 6th month of life. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

5 months

All that aside, our baby girl no longer seems like a baby. She’s a little girl now! She’s rolling over, sitting up for short amounts of time, has broken in 2 teeth, and has such a personality!


The past month has been anything but easy but then again if I were getting teeth I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be the happiest camper either. This month marked the beginning of teething and mid-month those stubborn bottom teeth popped through the surface. Guess that was why her sleep was so wonky. She’s still not back to normal in the sleep department but I’m not worried as we’re headed out of state for the holidays and I know that will mess her all up anyways. So once things get back to normal we’ll work on sleep again. Until then we’ll just take what we can get.


Our days remain pretty consistently the same; 2 long naps, 1 short nap. She’s eating 5 times a day with one feeding during the night (usually). She’s mastered rolling over both ways especially when in the woombie. One night Alex and I just stared at her on the monitor rolling from one side of the crib to the other, wailing all the while. It seems she doesn’t fully understand how to stop and start:)

We love watching her learn new things and experience new places. She loves playing with her toys and scooting around. She can almost sit up unassisted for long periods of time so we know that milestone is around the corner. She has the silliest personality…she loves to be tickled and jump in her doorway jumper. She could spend hours there! When daddy gets home she gets the biggest grin on her face, it’s pretty cute.

As far as solids go, I’m using the car ride to read up on Baby Led Weaning. Our pediatrician really recommended waiting until 6 months so we’re not in any hurry to begin. I’m sure I will do a hybrid version as I want to add fortified oatmeal to her menu to get all the vitamins, etc. Although Elizabeth has been sitting at the table with us in her new high chair. We love how straight the back is, how inexpensive it was, and the fact that it’s really easy to clean. She seems very interested in what is going on and enjoys sucking on ice while watching us in her new feeder.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. What a sweet girl. Do you have a video monitor? We are thinking of getting one...