Thursday, November 1, 2012

Elizabeth’s 1st Halloween!

Halloween was very low key around here. I mean, I can’t in right mind, take my 4 month old trick or treating. Seriously, I’m not sure anyone would give us candy:)

So although we didn’t go out door to door, we still celebrated and made it a fun night around our house. We don’t have strong convictions on Halloween at our house and treat it as a fun night to dress up and get candy. Plus we love carving pumpkins and eating the seeds! That being said, I happen to be one of those people who has a “bah humbug” attitude toward costumes. Not for Elizabeth but for myself.

Halloween always caused me great anxiety as thinking of a costume sent me into a people pleasing coma. Seriously I lack the witty ability to come up with something uniquely comical and full of pun worthiness so I take this approach:


But for Elizabeth…well we went all out. Meet our Sweet Pea in a Pod.


Doesn’t she look like she loves Halloween already? Hilarious.

Here are some more from the day:



And to top the night off, we only had 2 sets of trick or treaters…

more candy for us!

How was your night…did you dress up?

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  1. What a cute costume! I am with you on dressing up as adults, I never have any good ideas!