Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking Ahead

I cannot wait to be back in a house in time for Christmas!  I’m already looking ahead and thinking of where our Christmas decorations will go.  I don’t go all out and most of my decorations are rustic in style, but none the less, I’m excited.  Especially for our tree to go up!  The past 2 Christmas’ we haven’t put a tree up; there just wasn’t enough room.  So this year, it’ll be up right after we move in!

I know there are a lot of people who don’t want Thanksgiving to be lost amongst Christmas.  I’m in that camp too…especially since, like this year, my birthday will fall on the holiday.  But at the same time, it’s still fun to start dreaming of Christmas.

This year I’m racking my brain on how to display the Christmas cards in our house.  Normally they just reside in a bowl on the table for people or us to peruse through.  But this year, I’d love to do something different.  I’m thinking a garland of sorts to display our cards

What do you do to display your cards?

And speaking of cards…anyone order theirs yet?  I’m swooning over all the seriously adorable designs and I think we’ve landed on a couple of favorites! 

Not sure which one will win out, but can’t wait to hear what you have all decided on.   Are you a card family?  Or do you save the cash and do something else?

Don’t forget to hop on over to Tiny Prints to see what’s new.  All the above designs are from there and my favorite part about their site…you can add something to the back of the card for FREE!  That’s something I love to hear!

Happy card perusing! 

And don’t forget to inspire me with how you display your cards!!


  1. We usually put our cards on our fridge - sometimes cutting them down so they all fit. We just ordered some the other day, about 30 min before the shutterfly "40% off" sale ended. :)

  2. I take a ribbon (or twine) and hang it vertically down the wall. Then I clip all my christmas cards to the ribbon. It's fun to see them all hang down the wall!

  3. We have a fun wall hanging that someone gave us. It hangs on the wall and we can display some and just put the rest on the shelf. We usually change it based on who is coming over. :)