Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a little more girly…

And a little more manly.  I’m talking about our bathrooms.  For almost 4 years, the hubby and I have shared a bathroom despite the fact that we have 2 bathrooms!  I decided that this year we would try out having separate bathrooms and see how it worked.

The main reason for the change?  The bathroom we shared is connected to the hubby's office and other than the summer, when I’m up and out of the house before he starts work, having the shower going while trying to work just doesn’t cut it. I mean who wants to be on the phone and hear the toilet flush or shower going..Eww!

Since I’ve always wanted to incorporate pink into our color scheme, I transformed the other bathroom into the perfect girly space while changing a couple things in the existing bathroom to make it a little more manly.
So here they are, our “new” bathrooms!

DSC_0423DSC_0424          DSC_0425

Cost Breakdown: 
-New Shower Curtain $10, Ikea Candle $4, Ikea Frames $15 Total: $29

The rest of the items we had and I grabbed them out of hiding for the bathroom.  We picked up the iconic “Keep Calm and Carry On” postcard at the Imperial War Museum in London last year, before they became the “IT” thing:)  Also the other picture is one I made thanks to a sheet of paper and our printer…more on that later.

Now for the manly space:


Updates:  A new picture, totaling $1 for the piece of paper.  Again I grabbed things out of hiding for this bathroom too and the color scheme is more masculine with greens, orange, and red. 

All it takes is a little imagination and basically, some paper:)


  1. love it! we have two bathrooms too and i've been toying with the "his and hers" themes.

  2. great ideas! I usually really struggle with decorating but I love cute paper and will have to try it out!