Saturday, November 6, 2010

decor on the dollar

My favorite place to find art?  Nope, not Target or Homegoods, not the Salvation Army or a thrift store.  My favorite places to find art are at Archivers (or other paper stores) or my own computer.  Surprised?

I’ve found paper to be incredibly cheap (under $1) and to create really fun art throughout our house. Some areas where we have paper as art?  Our bedroom and the hubby's bathroom.

DSC_0429 (2)DSC_0428 (2)

The paper in the frames I got at Archiver’s for under $1 a piece.  And yes, we each have a picture of the other on our nightstand, we’re dorks like that.  I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up like that:)


And this piece of paper, again was under a dollar.  But the real reason this was a winner, well because the hubby loves vintage art, especially art relating to golf, I mean how perfect is that!

Now for computer generated art.  If you have a word processing program and a color printer you are on your way to great wall art.  It’s as easy as that.  This is the print that I made for my bathroom.  I love the idea of Scripture art but I don’t love the traditional look.  So I made it in a more modern way on the computer and now it’s a great way to get my mind ready for the day as I get my body ready.  Perfect!

(Psalm 62:1-2)

One of my favorite home blogs is Young House Love.  Check out some of their great homemade art on the cheap:)

Happy Decorating!

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