Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014


Our summer is going to be quite full. I have a post coming regarding our house plans, but we are planning on doing quite a bit of work to our exterior and yard this year. My husband jokes that by the time we get done we will be celebrating our 80th birthdays.

But despite all of our yard work and exterior projects, we love to spend time doing things as a family. At the beginning of the year we made a pact that we would budget in money each month to do special family fun days with our kids. Not all of them are expensive, but some can add up. We’ve been doing this ever since and those are some of my favorite memories since the 1st of the year. It’s just a way to keep us on track and we really do love doing things together.

SO this year our list isn’t that long and I know we may miss out on some of these. Either way it’s fun to have a list to look forward to and cross things off of as we make our way through. Between all the fun and work this summer I’m sure the end of this pregnancy will fly by!


1. Edina Pool days (we have a pass so I’m sure we will be there multiple times a week)

2. Farmer’s Market Saturdays

3. Minnesota Zoo

4. Como Zoo

5. Red Barn Pizza Farm in Northfield. (I cannot wait to do this one!!)

6. Picnic at the park

7. Gale Woods Farm Saturdays

8. Beach day at Bryant Lake Beach

9. Brainerd vacation (scheduled for early June)

10. Alexandria vacation in August with family

11. State Fair

12. Sprinkler

13. Playgrounds

14. Izzy’s for ice cream

15. Twins Game

16. Raspberry & Strawberry picking (maybe Blueberries?)

17. Homemade popsicles and ice cream

18. Outdoor barbecues

19. Splash pad

20. Hiking down by the river

What are some of your favorite things to do in the summertime in the Twin Cities?

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  1. What a great list! I love summers in Minnesota. There are so many great places to go and things to do. I like going shopping up in Nisswa, or spending lazy days at the cabin!