Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Disclaimer: I’m not perfect

The other day I posted a link noting that I had just signed up to receive Essential Oils from Young Living with a note: “We’re changing some things up at our house.” I want to blog about some of these changes, what we are doing, how we eat, etc. but before I can I find it necessary, even if just for myself, to offer a disclaimer.

I am not perfect.

I’m sure you all knew that already, especially those who really know me! But I want to delve a bit deeper into that statement. You see we’ve made some changes but probably not for the reasons you think. I can give you some examples on how irrational my mind can think sometimes.

-I use Norwex and love it. Mainly because I no longer have to buy cleaning products. Just water.

-I just ordered Essential oils (#1797532) because I know they can help with some things. But I love modern medicine and am a vaccinating mama all the same.

-We use homemade natural soap products and Honest Co. products. Mainly because I love the scents, ease of delivery, and they are more gentle on our skin.

-We eat grass fed beef but only because a friend invited us to split a 1/4 of a cow with her. We love it and would order again but haven’t noticed any noteworthy changes/tastes.

-I breastfed Elizabeth but only because it was free and it worked. If she would have had any issues I would have happily given her formula rather than fighting through it.

I hope you are noticing a theme. We’ve changed certain things and incorporated certain things into our life. We’ve gone a bit greener  but probably more due to simplicity and cost reasons more than saving the Earth. Although all of those are a benefit, of course.

What I want to stress is that I personally, and my husband of course, believe 100% in a Sovereign God who has given us incredible things here on the Earth to be used, tasted, and practiced in a way that brings Him glory.

When we were trying to get pregnant the first time I heard SO. MUCH. ADVICE, natural/homeopathic remedies, that when shared really sounded like magic pills. Sometimes we all have the tendency to love what we are doing, experiencing, and using SO MUCH that we forget who’s really in charge. All the advice was fine and very well intended but here’s the thing. What made those natural things better than using modern medicine? Both were given to us equally by the Lord. They are gifts, tools we can use that may aid in helping certain ailments/conditions. But in no way are they a cure all.

I think we need to remember that, myself included, more than we think we do.

So that’s my disclaimer. I’m not perfect. My reasons for changing some things in our home are not perfect and by no means even rational. Posts to look forward to include cleaning up our cleaning regime, starting Essential Oils, how we eat (you may be surprised about this one or not!), and potentially others.

We hope, well I do and I’m just including my husband, that when you read the posts you will not feel pressured or lured or coerced or anything. It’s our story and we’re not perfect. And I don’t think anything is a cure-all except for the saving blood of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection on the cross. That folks, is LIFE CHANGING!

So there you have it.

If you didn’t already know, I’m NOT perfect.

Nope not even close.

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