Monday, May 12, 2014

Baby #2 : 20 Weeks

We are halfway there. And no I can’t believe it.

Today we went in for our 20 week ultrasound and baby girl looks great. Everything was just the way it should be and we loved getting to see her again. Seriously every time I’m able to see a baby via ultrasound I’m totally amazed at how much you can see and notice and understand. Baby is weighing in around 10 ounces and is still dating a few days behind my due date.


Only one issue came up and it seems I have a low lying placenta again this time. Last time it moved up just where it should be so we are not worried in the least. Actually we are a bit excited because we get to see her again at 28 weeks. I love ultrasounds!

The best photo I have is from our botched attempt at Mother’s Day pictures. Elizabeth was not interested in the least, although I can’t say I blame her. Yesterday ended up being a great day to play outside.


Shockingly everything seems a bit different this time around. I’m definitely carrying higher so I’m still in my pre-pregnancy pants (with a hairband/bellyband) and I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy tops although I’m usually found in maternity tops. Not complaining in the least but it is a bit baffling since last go around I was in maternity pants from 14 weeks on.

How far along: 20 weeks

Gender: GIRL!!!

Weight gain: 9 pounds

Maternity clothes: Tops…the bottoms are still a bit big

Stretch marks: No…relying on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter in the jar

Belly button in or out: all the way out

Sleep: great minus a few bathroom breaks

Best moment this week: Mother’s day and just getting to be surrounded by my two favorite people, Alex and Elizabeth

Miss anything: not yet

Movement: A little bit but definitely not as much as I did at this point with Elizabeth. Today’s ultrasound uncovered the reason…my placenta is anterior, so in the front, meaning I may not feel this baby near as much as I did Elizabeth.

Cravings: Still Pizza. I could eat it everyday…seriously.

Looking forward to: Bringing the crib back Memorial Day weekend and starting to work on getting the nursery put together. Our crib mattress arrived today so I have to get moving on cleaning that room out!

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