Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Stroller Decision

I can’t tell you how informative it was to read everyone’s comments on Facebook and on the blog regarding double strollers. I love hearing how other people manage multiple children and after much thought and research I think I came up with the best solution for wrangling our own.

First, I had to get real with myself.

What was my main intention? Where would we primarily use it? Was I or was I not going to run with two kids? What did I like and dislike after trying a few out at the store?

I can’t recommend Baby on Grand more. It’s a local baby store and they have every stroller imaginable and weighted babies and car seats so you can get the best idea possible. Armed with Elizabeth, my trusty aide, I went in there and began test driving. The ones we test drove that day included the Baby Jogger City Select, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT double, the BOB duallie and a Phil and Ted’s Navigator.

Our main uses for a double stroller include: walks to the library, walks around the little lake by our house (woodchips), going around the lakes, walks to the playground, the zoo, mall occasionally, use in our neighborhood (no sidewalks and lots of curbs) and any family outings we take. (ie: orchard, fair, etc.)

First thing I realized right off the bat is that inline strollers are not for me. I have so many friends that LOVE the City Select but I could just not get on board. I’m so used to our Uppababy Vista and the City Select seemed SO long to me. Elizabeth also looked kind of squished. I realized it doesn’t have the highest seatbacks and to make it work better for our tall kid would require taking the sun shade off which was not a solution I really cared for. Not only that but it just didn’t seem right for where we live and everyday use in our neighborhood. If we lived elsewhere I actually think it could have been a contender.

So with that one out of the way, and the Phil and Ted’s following soon after, we were left with two side by sides. The Phil and Ted’s was a great option but we decided not to put the rumbleseat on our current stroller so buying something similar seemed kind of silly.

So now we are between the Baby Jogger City Mini GT double and the BOB. I loved both of them for different reasons. The BJCM has all-terrain tires, folds almost flat, is a bit lighter, has a higher seatback, and the baby could go in it right away without an adapter. The BOB wasn’t as big and bulky as I imagined, it offered the chance to run if I felt like it, and it pushed great. Though I must say so did the BJCM.

And then I began waffling. With the BJCM at a low $389 for a 2013 ($200 off retail) and the BOB 20% off at REI ($430), we were looking at some great deals. My husband convinced me to take some time, knowing we do not need the stroller ASAP and said to think it over and we’d buy the stroller in the fall. Whether or not we missed out on a deal.

BUT…then I went on a walk to the library with our daughter in our jogging stroller which I really like. And I got to thinking, would I really run with both kids? I did run with Elizabeth last summer, but two kids, that’s a different story. And what about when I wanted to go and walk somewhere else? The BOB isn’t much bigger but it’s enough that I wouldn’t necessarily want to be carting it all around town, in and out of the car. And by the time we returned home I had an honest moment with myself, told my husband, walked inside and ordered our stroller.

It’s probably no surprise how this will end. My honesty with myself that even though I like running, I probably wouldn’t run with two, tipped me over the edge for the BJCM GT. And since we have no claims over this little life that we pray will be born healthy in 24 weeks or so, I also knew that I could recoup the cost of the stroller if sold on Craigslist since almost every 2013 is sold out in our area.

It came today and of course we test drove it. So far, we really, really LOVE the choice we made. It folds really small, the sun shades are huge, the handlebar adjusts, and it drives like a dream. And if it comes down to me craving to run with two kids, well then we’ll tackle that hurdle when it comes.

Until then I’m a walking mom.



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