Friday, April 11, 2014

ON little girls

Seems like forever ago when the paint hit the wall. Ballet Slipper Pink was the color declaring our girl. And mixed emotions filled my mind and my heart. What to do with the multitude of emotions. Being the mom of a girl. Boys just seemed easier.

And don’t get me started on my own history. All my mistakes. All my baggage. All my stuff. How could I ever be a mom to a girl. And then Elizabeth came. Being the mom of a girl has changed me in so many ways, so many really good ways. I’m seeing the purposes in giving us a girl. A girl we delight over daily.

And content, we assumed wrongly that she would be an only. And when we found out that news wasn’t true, I longed for another girl. For a sisterhood to be formed. For girls and twirls and pink and the sillies to fill our house to the brim. This time I knew the joy of being the mother to a girl and I wanted to do it all over again.

I’ve told my husband more times than he probably cares to hear that I think God wired him in such a way to have girls. He’s incredibly tender hearted and kind and generous and protective and gentle. He had our daughter’s heart from the beginning. God knew just what we needed.

And when the test results came in, it was Elizabeth and I in my office. And the receptionist conveyed that she couldn’t tell me the main result but could tell me gender and did I want to know? Of course I said yes and as she spoke the words, my heart leapt and I’m pretty certain I let out a joyful shout. And we began dancing and jumping and shouting aloud.


And then we told daddy. And then the nurse called and let us know that our baby also did not have an extra chromosome. Our baby at this point is developing without any concerns. And our hearts were overjoyed at this precious kindness we didn’t deserve. Blessing upon blessing.

This is probably it for us. Two little girls. A little sisterhood that we can only pray will join forces with the very God who made them and joyfully and bravely walk the road He has for them. A sisterhood…I couldn’t have imagined it when we first began.

We are overjoyed to announce that we are having another baby girl!

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