Friday, April 25, 2014

Great House update: Pre-Nursery Disaster

It’s been awhile right, since I’ve done a house update post. Well this one is not finished. This is a glimpse at where we are starting and what we are starting with. Can I just tell you that I’m about to get really vulnerable here. I’ve mentioned a lot that I am not the neatest person on the planet. In fact I have one room in our house that has never been finished and yet since it’s my very own space I can find everything I need. It’s just that way.

But soon I’m going to be evicted from my office/craft room. And that is fine by me because a new baby girl is going to occupy it. The room is directly next to Elizabeth’s and directly across the hall from ours. It has two windows, one that is almost floor to ceiling. And things definitely need to be streamlined before it will look anything like a nursery.

Here are some before pictures:


Okay my heart is beating fast and I can’t believe I just did that. Keeping it real. I always thought I would do a room reveal in this room but it’s been 2 years and it’s still not finished. Good thing because now I don’t have to feel so bad knowing I’m getting the boot.

Here’s figuratively what we have to work with in this room. It’s not a big room, approximately 10x11 and one wall has a full closet on it and the entry door, two of the other walls have windows, and the fourth wall follows the entry door into the room. This is not to scale or even exactly right but it gives you an idea of how the room lays out.


It’s been taking me quite a bit of time to get excited about decorating this room. Not because I’m not excited about the new resident taking over the space but because of the parameters that are in place seem restricting.

I happen to be one of the few who actually really likes nurseries to look baby-like. I LOVE Elizabeth’s nursery, although about a month after painting her walls pink I wanted to repaint. I love the girly sweetness and vintage touches.

With the new nursery the chair, paint color and rug will be staying. My poor husband had to remove the entire door frame and partially take apart the chair to get it in the room. After finishing he swore it would never be coming out in one piece. SO our color scheme is set.

Grey, a darker teal blue, and citron green. Not my first choice but definitely workable.

As a result I’m leaning towards keeping everything neutral except the chair. It would flow with the rest of our house and create a more serene nursery. Something along the lines of this:

neutral nurserysoft-neutral-nursery-3













Picture links via Pinterest 1/2

Yesterday I scored some cream curtains from Ikea that we also have in white in Elizabeth’s room and I’m hoping I can embellish them a bit to work in the new nursery. We also have a really old Jenny Lind crib coming from my mom that we will paint and alter a bit to make it more safe. Hopefully once I get everything out of the room I will begin to be a bit more inspired.

Input welcome:)

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