Thursday, January 16, 2014

we bred a fish

And her name is Elizabeth Mae.

DSC_0025 (4)

I think she could be part mermaid if they existed and if not a mermaid then a fish would work as well. I’m pretty certain I haven’t come across a baby yet who loves the water as much as Elizabeth or maybe that’s my (proud) mommy heart coming out.

But it’s true. With her first swimming lesson behind us it was obvious that it was her jam. With almost all the other kids in tears, Elizabeth added to the madness with happy shrieks and screams of joy. It was too much.


Alex is her number one swim partner so I just sit in the stands, take a bazillion pictures with my 50mm lens which is not right for swimming lessons, and watch with a giant smile pasted on my face. So the resulting photos as shown above our out of focus and blurry. Ugh.

For many of the 9 months I was pregnant I swam in the water. And I prayed for our daughter as I slowly made my way across the pool and I prayed she would come to enjoy the water. Her daddy and I are most certainly at home at the shore of a lake and water is like a second home to us. And after her first attempts at bath time went unsuccessfully, we didn’t quite know how this water thing would turn out.


But thankfully, she loves it. As seen most recently at her swim lesson where we could not let go of her arm or she would have jumped right in without anyone in the water to catch her. On our last trip to FL we tried out a puddle jumper life jacket now that she was too big for the inflatable raft and I would definitely recommend it. She has so much more freedom to move and swim and stay afloat on her tummy.

We’re looking forward with anticipation to our next lesson and the chaos of tears and shouts of joy intermixed. It’s quite the experience but the best part is seeing just what a fish we have.

To the water we go.


  1. Super cute! We haven't taken our little guy to the pool yet, but he did love taking baths and splashing at my parents over Christmas. So hopefully that's a good sign!

  2. Carrie, I think bath time is the perfect start to a love of water:) Aren't they so cute splashing around?