Thursday, January 9, 2014

On Purpose

“You didn’t just end up here. God put you here on purpose. God wanted you here, and he had to have you here right now. Because he has a wonderful plan for you—something that only you can do…”

-excerpt from Thoughts to make your Heart Sing (pg. 103)

Lately I’ve been thinking much about my role. My role as a woman, as a wife, as a mother, a friend, a sister, and a passerby. Most days those roles unfold in a joyful, life giving way, and other days in a way laden with frustration and jealousy and discontentment.

The picture always looks better from a different point of view.

I gave a brief devotional at the baby shower of a dear friend about a month ago and I read this excerpt above but in full form. As a call for all of us women to find encouragement in the place we find ourselves right at this very moment. So often we can see only our errors and failings instead of seeing and really believing that we are right where we are meant to be.

I can’t help but have my heart swell a bit when I think that the Lord had no misjudgments when He put Elizabeth in my care. He knew I was slightly disorganized and a little quirky. He knew my faults and the history behind my heart. And He knew where I needed to grow and where I was doing exceedingly well. He knew the ways in which I would feel I as failing and how much my heart would ache for her to know Him.

Knowing that He ordained for me to be her mother and for Alex to be her father is an amazing thing. To know that what she needs isn't an organized mom or one who documents every moment of life. She doesn’t need what any other person I may strive to be could give her, she just needs me. And that’s the way it was created to be.

For me to be her momma.

And for her to be my girl.

This article today was such an encouragement to me…The Internet Makes Us All Miserable


“You are called to serve faithfully in whatever sphere God has placed you. On the final day, God will reward you based on how faithfully you used the talents he gave you. He won’t reward you based on how well everyone else did.”


  1. I've been behind on my blog reading and just did some catch up reading today... WOW! Your blog posts have been killer lately! I love this one too. How amazing that God ordained OUR child to be our child... just incredible. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had wonderful holidays my friend.

  2. I have been comforted by that fact many times - that God chose me to be mommy to our sweet baby boy. Sometimes I feel so inadequate, but God knew what He was doing. Thanks for the sweet reminder!