Tuesday, January 7, 2014

setting it in my heart

The walls are a little barren now that Christmas has gone and the new year has started. We’ve wiped away the chalk words declaring His birth and removed our advent calendars from their nails.

Slowly new adornments have been making their way out. First the small aqua cards to match the paper on our kitchen walls. And then the verses on the board marking the way as we come and go. And now the prints, printed off for their place by the coffee pot for an afternoon pick me up.

Because what we need most is the only thing that can tame the enemy. We need the word of God. The only sword that really pierces, through bone and marrow and we need it immediately, for when the sly little snake creeps up when we least expect.

One of my resolves for the year is to add more to my storehouse, more words in my mind and in my heart, so that when the enemy comes, because he will, I will be ready with my sword for slaying. And I’m realizing more and more that the momma I want to be is the momma that is so deeply and strongly hanging onto Jesus that when Elizabeth looks at me she sees a sinner in need of a Savior and not a momma who’s got it all together.

I want her to see a momma who has issues and who is fighting them with all she’s got, in the word and on the offensive. I want her to see and know we don’t play being Christian. We don’t walk around with the chip so big it will drown us upon our shoulders but we walk humbly, holding tightly, fighting and slaying in the name of the Lord, because the road of the believer is never perfect. And I want her to see and know how important it is to have the word of God deep down in her heart. So when she’s scared and feeling alone, the words will bring peace and comfort.

And how can we model if we’re not doing it. And how can we impress the importance of the things of life if we are not actively teaching. And every day I’ll stumble and get things wrong but how much better is that lesson, the lesson of grace.

This year to learn the Word I’m utilizing some of my favorite resources.

1. The Fighter Verse App…They have songs that accompany the verses (I sang the fighter verse at our last small group and turned varying shades of red), quizzes, and more. For Apple & Android. We post the fighter verse of the week on our chalkboard wall near our entry.

2. The 50 Promises cards from Summer Harms…I ordered these cards before Christmas and they are perfect for placing around your house. I love the verses! These are placed around our house but the one I’m working on is behind our kitchen sink.

3. The Jesus Project: Scripture Memorization for the rest of us by Ann Voscamp. Excellent post on memorizing scripture and super cute prints for placing on your wall.

Grab hold of your sword and let’s fight through…

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  1. Love this!! I'm trying to memorize more scripture this year too!