Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stitch Fix #1

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

Seriously, I’m not trying to make anyone buy anything. Maybe you’re wondering what’s with all the hype with me sharing products? Really, nothing. No hype. Just a satisfied customer sharing the goods. Definitely not paid, asked or anything like that. Honestly, I’m not sure anyone even reads this.
BUT…this is amazing.

Ever since I had Elizabeth I’ve rarely went shopping for myself. And let’s be honest, shopping online is like the best thing ever. Especially if the store offers free returns or you can return in to a local retailer. I always wondered why people did so much online shopping when they had kids and now I know. It’s not only a time saver, but getting packages just about makes my day.

But back to Stitch Fix. I’m pretty sure they came up with this for moms. Stitch Fix is an online styling site. That’s probably not the best way to sum it up but basically you log in, create an extensive style profile which you can link to a favorite board on Pinterest, and then professional stylists read over everything and hand pick 5 items to send to you. You pay a $20 styling fee up front and then it is CREDITED back to you when you choose an item to keep. For instance, I just got my box and ended up keeping a gorgeous top and I paid the cost of the top minus the $20 I already paid. Also if you decide to keep everything in the box you receive a 25% discount!

They also provide you with a prepaid envelope for sending back what didn’t work. You have 3 days to mull over the choices and try them on and then get them back in the mail. Seriously so easy.
This is not a monthly commitment, although it could be, and you pick the date you want your box to arrive. So if you had a wedding coming up and needed a dress you could ask them to send you 5 dresses to try. Seriously it’s life changing.

While I rarely spend a lot on my everyday clothing, ahem life with a 1 year old, I do love to have some special pieces that fit well, are made well, will last and are timeless for date nights, adult only nights out and special occasions. And as far as cost, I checked the box “the cheaper the better” and everything in my box was between $28-$68. So not terrible for really nice and unique pieces. And to be real, this is the kind of stuff I save my pennies for:)

SO here’s what I received.

pretty packaging
I received a skirt, 2 tops, necklace and a dress
This is the top I kept. Not necessarily something I would pick out but it was super cute on and that’s what makes this so fun! The fabric feels amazing and the cut and sizing was perfect.
And I was so sad this dress didn’t work. Of all the things in the box this was the one that seemed to be exactly my style. Somehow the fit wasn’t quite right and made me look like I was wearing a flour sack. So bummed.
But there you have it. Your own personal stylist that will do your shopping for you and you are able to enjoy the pure fun of receiving a gift in the mail. A total win if you ask me!
Try Stitch Fix for yourself:)


  1. I've wanted to try this. Too bad they don't ship to Guatemala!

    I like the top you decided to keep. Very cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! What an amazing idea & why didn't I think of this? Ha!
    Do you have a referral link so you can get credit if I join?

  3. @chastity can just click any of the links and it will link to my referral's so fantastic!