Thursday, June 13, 2013

enjoying the sunshine

Today has found a multitude of thoughts running through my head as we seek to savor this gorgeous day. Summer in our city has been slow coming, rain clouds blocking out the sun, and yet today we were blessed with a perfect day.

Elizabeth and I started out our day with a run/walk combo through the neighborhood, where we both are quiet and take in the sights. It’s a grand route, weaving up and down streets, greeting strangers. I feel incredibly blessed to live where we do; in a house that isn’t perfect, in an established neighborhood where the residents have all been here for at least a decade, and with incredibly kind neighbors. We didn’t know what would await us when we moved in but now we can’t even imagine leaving.

This morning on our walk as we passed split levels and story and a half’s, my childhood flashed through my mind. Our house was just like one on a neighboring street that we pass by often. And the grey house with the elderly man waving in the window reminds me of my grandparents and their white and green house with the meticulous lawn. You can usually tell where the older neighbors live by their lawn… Houses where memories were made. A childhood with laughter and joy in those houses. Thankful we live with reminders of beautiful memories surrounding us.

And then after morning naps we spent the early afternoon outdoors, pulling weeds, playing in water and just enjoying the heat of the sunshine on our backs. And this afternoon, if we are all rested maybe we’ll head to the pool or go straight back out to our yard and resume our morning play. Sometimes it’s the simplest of activities that bring great joy. The quiet, monotonous tasks, like weeding a bed, with the sounds of the neighborhood keeping you company. And as I worked, she played. Investigating rocks, finding a cozy spot under the front tree playing with cups, and aimlessly walking through the grass. Taking it all in.

But the overwhelming feeling in my heart today was gratitude and thankfulness for blessing upon blessing. A house that fits our needs and is incredibly convenient for our life. Not only that but a house that we can hopefully pay off in the next 10 years, in a neighborhood with kind neighbors, and a street that isn’t busy. A baby toddling about in the yard, curious eyes and heart taking in the surroundings, fulfilling prayers upon prayers. A baby whose life has brought us increasing joy and grew our hearts like nothing else imaginable. Almost one year with her seems incredibly kind. And we have each other, sunshine, blue skies, delicious food to eat, and hope for the morrow. Even with heartaches, struggles, and pain all around somehow the sunshine and a walk through the neighborhood had a way of making everything clearer.

There’s just one simple explanation.

You don’t need much to have joy.

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  1. I loved this post, Andrea. I am so happy that you are experiencing so much joy in your life! Have a wonderful weekend.