Thursday, May 9, 2013

Move over Bob

Yesterday I went on my first run with Elizabeth. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I never thought I would want to push a jogging stroller. I didn’t register for one and later only added one to her wish list so that I could keep it on the radar in case I wanted to eventually think about running with her:)

But then Christmas came around and I forgot to delete the stroller. And my parents, who love to be active, of course jumped on the opportunity to gift our family with the jogging stroller. Not ones to say no, we now found ourselves with another stroller. One that kept taunting me from the closet. So we took it out a few weeks ago and took it for a test drive and then yesterday I got up the courage to run with it.

And it wasn’t so bad. Running with Elizabeth that is. Running while pushing a stroller is not for the faint of heart but instead a workout in and of itself. But I did love the opportunity to get a workout in and be outside with Elizabeth. So I’m coming around to sharing my “get-out-and-breathe-run” time. The nice part was that I could still put my headphones in and she was happy as a clam to just people watch and take in the scenery. Not sure how long that will last but it was nice.

After doing some research, I ended up choosing the Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller over a BOB. I knew it would get used often but I did not want it to be our main stroller as a jogger is a bit bulky for errands, etc. And I knew if we were going to buy it ourselves  that we did not want to spend over $250. In our neck of the woods you cannot usually find a used BOB for under $250 so I knew we had to think outside the box. I read a lot of reviews prior and thought the Zoom looked like the perfect alternative to the BOB. (This Instep is also another great inexpensive alternative as well!)

In comparison with the BOB, the Zoom is a bit heavier but it comes with the parent console, rain-shield, and tire pump. It felt heavier when running yesterday but at the same time running with a stroller does up your workout so it’s going to be tougher anyways. I love how upright the seat can be and how roomy all the pockets/under stroller storage are. I’ve never ran with a BOB so I cannot comment on the differences in run but I’m sure they are similar. Runner’s World also just named the Zoom the best budget jogger for 2013.

The seat in really wide, it can hold kiddos up to 70 pounds, and has a long seatback. The canopy has two stages which I really like so you can customize how much coverage you need. The seat recline is done by a strap, so you just let out the strap to recline and cinch it up to get upright. I’m sure this will come in handy if Elizabeth ever falls asleep.The fabric is super easy to clean and very durable. The handlebar is not adjustable but I’m only 5’3” and I had no problem pushing it.

The fold is amazing…I wish our regular stroller folded like this and it is very compact once it is folded making it really easy to transport. Overall I think the stroller is a great bargain for runners/joggers. While some may say the BOB is better (I don’t know this to be true), you are getting a great product for a fraction of the cost.

Here are some pics


Elizabeth snug as can be


From the front (illustrating the side pockets)


Handlebar console (2 drink spots and a zipper pouch for keys/phone/etc)


Huge storage basket underneath that is fully accessible


To fold you just undo the red clip on the left and pull on the wire


Compact fold

I’m hoping the ability to take Elizabeth with me will help me get out to run more often…so if anyone is interesting in joining us, let me know!

(ps…I’m not fast without the stroller and I’m definitely not fast with itSmile)

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