Friday, October 5, 2012

getting away {part 2}

we’re back & we had a great time.

Our little red cabin did not disappoint. The weather was delightfully crisp, fall in the air and our days were spent enjoying time without any restraints. In fact, we unplugged for the entire three day trip…no cell phones, no computers, no work. Have you ever done that? I kept remarking how liberating it was; apparently I need to do that more often!

We loaded up our car early Tuesday morning and headed up north. Upon arriving we were able to check in 3 hours early and while Alex played golf, I got life situated in our little cabin while Elizabeth napped. Last year on our trip to Brainerd we were praying I was pregnant, this year we have Elizabeth. We kept remarking how much can change in a year. And, of course, our time up there looked a little different with a 3 month old in tow, but we were still able to unwind and relax which is why we love going up there. Our swanky cabin was just as the pictures depicted. The gas fireplace, gorgeous view, and cute interior made us want to linger inside.


We spent our days enjoying the view, walking the grounds, doing crosswords, drinking gallons of coffee, playing with Elizabeth, watching the news, & eating delicious food. It was a welcome change from reality…slowing down and enjoying life. Elizabeth seemed to love it; she would stare out the window at the lake and giggle. Her neck strained while we walked to take in the rustling leaves and change in colors…we’re convinced she loves going up north as much as we do. In fact, she’s still sleeping, over 12 hours, recuperating from the fresh air and vacation in general.


Tuesday night we ventured out to Nisswa and enjoyed pizza at Rafferty’s. Elizabeth has a new hidden talent that she’s been working on for the past week or so…she can do stomach crunches. In fact, either in her car seat or stroller, she always starts to do crunches…we’re convinced she just wants to be more grown up than she is!





Wednesday we spent enjoying the view and relaxing in our home away from home. We made chili in our cabin for dinner, headed to the Chocolate Ox for dessert, and went for a walk. Thursday we awoke to a very windy and cold morning so we cranked up the fire, drew up the blankets and snuggled inside. We ventured out for breakfast and then packed up the car. We were all so sad to go. But to make the transition home easier, on our way home we stopped at the apple orchard for some photos and a delicious caramel apple. All in all, operation getting away was a success and we can’t wait for next year. We already have visions of our little red cabin in our heads with a one year old in tow.






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  1. So glad you guys had a great time. Those last pictures at the pumpkin patch are SO precious!!