Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 Months old

Another month flew by!

Elizabeth turned 4 months old on Monday and I cannot imagine life without her. I have no idea where the past 4 months have gone but I can say that so many minutes have been spent staring at this cute little face.


She’s growing up right before our eyes. I know I’ve said it before but this time I really mean it. Within the past 2 weeks we have seen quite the change in Elizabeth’s personality. She has awaken. She giggles nonstop, likes to be tickled, laughs at herself in the mirror, babbles back to us, and cracks me up all day long. Her favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe and cheap pink teething ring we have. She’s no longer a newborn but a full fledged “big girl” baby!

These past couple of weeks haven't been easy, not gonna sugarcoat it, with the sleep regression and pretty cranky behavior BUT…the hard things in life are so worth it because usually some sort of reward awaits you…like a giggly face:)

Stats at 4 months:



Her weight and height are just a guess…her official Doctor’s appt. is this afternoon but I’m thinking that’s right about where she is.

Major accomplishment this past week was rolling over. She’s been moving to her side for the past month and she’s always working on her core, moving her legs up and down and doing crunches in the car seat so we knew rolling was on the horizon. Whenever she rolls she gets so proud of herself and starts smiling like crazy especially if we start cheering!

Looking ahead, we’re excited to meet with her pediatrician today to talk solids and ask a few other questions. We are pretty certain we are going to go the Baby Led Weaning route as far as food is concerned which makes me happy as I’ll have at least 2 more months to wrap my mind around how it all works.


So there you have it, 4 months old and ready to conquer the world:)

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