Monday, October 1, 2012

3 Months Old

Our baby is growing up!

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Drooling. Giggling. Shrieking. Cooing. Smiling. Sleeping.

That about sums her up. She is so much fun these days and growing so big! She’s on the verge of rolling over we think and loves playing with the sun (Lulu) on her playmat. Amongst other things, bath time has moved from least favorite to favorite and she really gets her body moving in the bath tub, splashing all about. It’s really hilarious. Usually whoever is doing the washing is soaked by the end of it! We hope this means she’ll come to love the water.

It amazes me just how much Elizabeth is like her daddy. It seems all her great qualities are from him and her not so great ones from me. So far at least. She loves to sleep and her stretching and yawning upon waking are just like Alex. As far as personality, well that’s all me. She’s seemingly impatient and gets easily frustrated. We wonder if she’ll be introverted like us as she seems to enjoy sitting back and taking everything in. Although she makes it quite known when she’s had enough! After traveling back to WI to visit family, Elizabeth made it clear she loves being at home. She was a little cranky while we were in WI but upon walking in our house she was all smiles and giggles. Silly girl!

These past couple of weeks I’ve gotten back in the swing of my fall activities including MOMS and Bible Study. So far Elizabeth has been a very good girl while we are out, napping in the Ergo and staying fairly quiet. Soon she’ll be ready for the nursery I’m sure but right now it hasn’t been too much of an interference to have her with me. But this past Sunday we put her in the nursery for the first time for church. They said she did well and she was not crying when we picked her up so hopefully she’ll continue to do well.

As for me, well I’m LOVING being her mama. I was just telling Alex the other week about how I wake up every day and I’m so happy. I’m doing exactly what my heart has always longed to do…care for my husband, keep our house, and raise our children. To me, there isn’t any better job.

3 months_thumb[9]

For fun, here’s another comparison of Elizabeth to Alex and I as babies. As you can see she definitely takes after her daddy with one exception. Can you note where she matches her mama? (hint: her earsSmile)

PicMonkey Collage

Hoping everyone’s week is starting off great!

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