Thursday, September 20, 2012

getting away

Now that autumn is here, life is busier. Good busy.

Bible study started, MOMS (like MOPS) is underway, and we’re finding our groove through routine (held loosely of course). I love the start of things, how Autumn gently encourages us back to routine. Day to day consistency.

But more than routine, I love that at our house, Autumn usually means a getaway weekend. We love Autumn. Have I mentioned that before? :) And we love getting away. Especially if that getaway includes a fireplace, view of a lake, a golf course, and fallen leaves.

DSC_1385 (2)

Alex and I are lovers of going “up north.” We both grew up going “up north” on the weekends to our family’s cottage; or cabin/lake house depending on where you are from. “Up North” for our family meant driving 45 minutes north of our house to our cottage. We were there most summer weekends and into the fall. Some years we went year round. But for me, there’s something about getting away that makes the stresses of the new season just fade away.

We realized when we were dating that we both LOVE getting away. In fact, we’d rather spend our money getting away than remodeling our bathroom (which I DETEST by the way.) Every year since we’ve been dating (1st year we went with friends) we’ve headed “up north” to Brainerd, MN for a weekend in the fall. Some years we didn’t think we would get there, be able to afford it, or find the time, but every year somehow we’ve made it work. And we SO look forward to the time of just relaxing and leaving behind work and life.

Our favorite place to stay is Madden’s Resort. They always have fantastic fall specials that include meals & golf. But they also let us be a kid again: Friday night Bingo, fires with s’mores, and tandem bikes. We also have our favorites in the area as well, like Rafferty’s pizza and the Chocolate Ox. It’s almost as if we’re remembering our childhood when we go up there, embracing the season and forgetting reality. It’s like our fall school break all over again.

This year I was sure our looming bathroom remodel and new life with Elizabeth would make the trip unlikely. But just this week Alex surprised me and we booked a quick trip up there mid-week. This year we’re staying at Grand View Lodge in some pretty swanky cabins due to a great mid-week deal. I’m so excited to go and experience Autumn as quintessentially as we can. I keep staring at the cabin online making plans in my mind as to how we’ll spend our time. I’m envisioning coffee sipped at break of day with Elizabeth on the porch overlooking the lake, cozy nights with a book in front of the fire, sweatshirts and leaves all around. It’s sounding mighty inviting…

I can’t wait. For me, getting away is what makes Autumn one of my favorite times of year, because it usually means we’ll be going “up north.” And this year, we can share one of our favorite getaways with our daughter. I pray we’ll have so many more times to help her experience life by the lake with leaves all around.

What’s a favorite thing you look forward to doing in the Autumn? Do you go “up north?”

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