Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Oh yes we did.
DSC_1374It’s been on our bucket list since we were dating. Over 7 years. Leave it to us to wait until I’m nine months pregnant to go. Either way, we finally crossed it off this weekend. Neither one of us can remember if we ever went as kids; we probably would have been like the little ones who were in the fields with us “I’m tired.” “Are we done yet?” “Mmm these berries are good.” It was hilarious!
DSC_1371Needless to say, our morning out picking in the fields was perfect. In the end we left with 7 pounds of berries and my hands are now pink. I couldn’t wait to get to work making jam. My grandmother made the best strawberry jam. Chunky, slightly runny, and perfectly sweet. It’s probably what all grandmother’s made; straight off the sure-gel box! So Sunday afternoon I made a quick batch, stored some berries for eating this week and I made some very delicious strawberry muffins bright and early Monday morning.
DSC_1380It was the perfect morning for picking; warm but not too balmy. You learn a lot about a person by the way they pick berries. Alex was so meticulous; only picking the big, bright red berries, taking his time. I, on the other hand, grabbed any size berry as long as they were bright red. Maybe it’s because squatting was more difficult? We spent almost an hour and the berries we picked at Lorence’s Berry Farm near Northfield, were big, ripe and plump! They are so delicious. I’m pretty sure the baby loved them too!
DSC_1377It was the perfect way to end the weekend and I’m sure by this coming weekend you will find us in a berry coma. All’s well that ends well! Anyone else have plans for berry picking? We can’t wait for raspberries and blueberries. We might need a babysitter when those are ready!

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