Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby B - 34 Weeks

Another week gone by and one more week closer to meeting our daughter. Just 35 days left, we hope, until she’s in our arms. We cannot wait to meet her. With each passing day, excitement wells up all the more in my heart. Most days I can hardly believe this is happening. How we are beyond blessed to be right here. Somewhere we never fathomed we could be.
DSC_1376 (2)This past week we finally finished up our birth classes and celebrated that they are over! This week’s class was on breastfeeding and it was incredibly informative. I still am unsure if it will work given my PCOS but we’re hoping and praying it will. For so many reasons…get back in my jeans, anyone? Had to laugh because our instructor kept talking about how that is a very valid reason to pursue breastfeeding…I’m glad because after all the benefits to baby that’s my number 2 reason!

It’s amazing what is happening within my belly…that a living, breathing human being is created and formed and moving and growing in there. Alex and I have been taking quite a few walks together of late and our latest discussion was what to do regarding birth control after the baby. Touchy subject maybe for some, but I had to laugh when we first discussed it. After waiting for 3 years and multiple procedures/medication cocktails later, we’re pregnant. My thought is to throw caution to the wind and if we get pregnant when baby girl is quite new, we’d be ecstatic. Unfortunately we’re not all convinced this is the best plan. Any thoughts?

How big is baby?

She’s as big as a butternut squash! I believe it. She’s taking up some prime real estate in my belly. She weighs between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds, probably on the upper end given our ultrasound a couple weeks ago and measures up to 18 inches long. She’s just continuing to grow bigger and longer and as of right now other than her lungs, everything is fully developed. Which means if she decided to come sooner than later, she would most likely not have any issues. YAY!

How am I feeling?

This week has been quite interesting. Scattered throughout the week I’ve had some abdominal cramping and pretty intense low back pain. I’m pretty sure she’s moving on down but there are still days when I can tell she’s backing her bottom back up near my ribs. So maybe I’m progressing, maybe not. I’m thinking she’s just going to take her sweet old time coming into the world. In other news, it’s crazy what will affect your mind while your body is rapidly changing before your eyes. I didn’t know what to expect and was sharing yesterday with Alex how shocked I am that the swelling of my feet has affected me so much. Apparently in my former “thinner” life my ankles mattered a great deal to me:)

How am I changing?

While other than the aforementioned items and an obviously growing belly, things are pretty steady around here. I’m very grateful for that. I’m hoping that my body is slowly getting ready for labor as I would love to meet her sooner than later, but because I know she’s better off inside of me, she can stay in there for awhile longer. Though I do have to say, I’m excited to see where I’m at over the next few weeks as the Doctor’s appointments increase!

Little Tidbits:

Weight gain: Haven’t checked. The swelling makes me very unexcited to know. I’m in denial:) I’ll know more on Monday at my appt.
Nursery Items left: Shelf install, lamp, curtain install, mirror
Ounces of water injested per day: at least 90 ounces
To do this week: install carseat, pack hospital bag.


  1. Hi sweet girl~ I was able to BF until Pax was 13 mo old... and as a result, I didn't get my period back until he was like 11 mo or so? I know that's not the case for all, but I was definitely not ovulating. I also took the mini pill, but I totally understand the hesitation with that.

    I do have a friend who was in a similar situation to y'all. Did not prevent at all and they got pregnant again when their little one was around 5 mo old. It was a shock (but a happy one). They were also BF.

    Food for thought!

    1. Thanks Brittany! I appreciate the advice...we're planning on asking our OB but personally I'd be ecstatic if we got pregnant again at 5 months. At least we'd know the next time around we'd have to be more careful:)

  2. This post makes me SO very happy. I have trouble even telling you just how much.

  3. have not prevented brw, and my thought would be to not- in our cases. I'd love ot have close siblings!

    1. I thought you'd like this post. Thanks for the note...I'm hoping that's the direction we go.

  4. Use condoms for 3 or 4 months, then just "throw caution to the wind".

    Also, for the back pain, I'd highly recommend getting a good massage. I got one w/ Isabella around that time, and it really helped me to feel like the baby dropped and I could function again for the last few weeks. So excited for you!

  5. I always love your updates! You are a beautiful pregnant woman! Just glowing -you are one who exudes the pregnancy glow the most of anyone I have ever seen!

    I agree with Stephanie - massage saved my life when Pregnant with Noah.

    I also agree with her on using condoms for a few months and then whatever happens. Our orthodontist was in a very similar situation as you - but it took them 9 years to have their first. Last month they just had their second 15 months later. They were thrilled, they are older and wanted another. It took us 1.5 years to conceive Hannah and we just didn't want kids one year apart or less, so threw caution to the wind after Hannah turned 3 months - they are 5 years apart :) But God is good and that was the PERFECT timing for our family.

    Regarding the swollen feet - I battled that with H - it was my one and only pregnancy "symptom". My OB recommended soaking feet in warm/hot epsom salt water first then in ice water, rotating every 5 minutes. It felt great.....and helped the swelling immensely - it didn't go away completely and I had to keep repeating it. Additionally, a skilled/knowledgeable massage therapist should also be able to alleviate some of that if they know the right pressure points.

    And on the nursing - PLEASE know it might not work and that is ok. It sounds like you already realize that. I beat myself up on that one way too much with Hannah (four months in - including supplementing). With Noah it lasted 2 weeks and Steve - who never "demands" things of me, basically said "I am your authority under God and I need you to stop trying" It didn't work for us, I am one who truly doesn't make much milk (pump for 40 minutes, both sides, get TWO OUNCES!). I am so grateful he did that for me, it was so entirely freeing to be under his umbrella of protection. I had ZERO guilt that time and was able to enjoy my baby more. And my children are happy, quite healthy and well adjusted.

  6. Beautiful post! So excited for you sweet friend. As a lactation counselor I will be curious to see how things go for you!! Just know I've seen moms that have had every strike against them have easy nursing from day 1 and moms who try so insanely hard and it never works out for them. And thankfully - there is freedom in Christ and He is sovereign! So no matter if it works or doesn't you can rest in Him:)

    So soon!!!