Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sour Cream Old Fashioned Donuts

Growing up we were spoiled with the best donut place ever. In fact, every so often when we are back visiting my hometown in Wisconsin we stop in for donuts. There was one as a kid that I just loved…chocolate and vanilla dough swirled with chocolate and vanilla swirl frosting. It was and still is amazing. They are slightly crunchy on the outside and so soft and delicious on the inside. I haven’t found anywhere yet that has donuts as good.

In an attempt to recreate the past, I’ve tried to make donuts a few times. Twice I made raised yeast donuts and this past weekend I made Sour Cream Old Fashioned.
DSC_1364 (5)
Alex and I both agreed…when making homemade donuts go for the the Old Fashioned. These were so delicious…and the recipe only makes 12. So for those of you that might feel guilty eating a donut, you’re not stuck with an abundance. Even better, they keep really well in an air-tight container for at least a couple of days.

Not only are these easy but they come together really quickly. I bookmarked this off Pinterest on Thursday night and knew then that they would be made over the weekend. I even used the wrong kind of flour and they still turned out delicious! For some reason my brain read cake as bread and I was really worried. But I kept on and neither one of us could tell the difference.

The recipe for these mouth watering donuts can be found at Completely Delicious!

If you so dare, make these in the near future. You will not be disappointed!


  1. What's your favorite donut place where you grow up? We love Manderfield's in Menasha and Appleton.

    1. Definitely manderfields...no contest:)