Monday, May 28, 2012

Baby B - 33 weeks

Less than 6 weeks (hopefully!) to go before she comes! Crazy, pure craziness if you ask me. I can still remember when we were 6 weeks pregnant, staring down at two pink lines, praying she would remain for 34 more. And although we’re still praying she will be brought to life outside the womb, it’s mind boggling to think there’s so little time left.
DSC_1365 (7)This past week has been filled with the everyday rhythm of life. Errands, cleaning, sorting, making, talking…just living. We finished up our birthing classes and our baby care class. There were a couple of tips I picked up in the care class but after 8 years of nannying I’ve pretty much experienced everything. It was a great reminder and I think Alex much appreciated the quick lessons on diapering, swaddling, and calming a baby. Packing the hospital bag is on my agenda for this week…it’s hard to imagine the fact that she really could come any time she wants at this point…although we’d both love for her to stick around inside a bit longer:)

How big is baby?

This week she’s as big as a durian fruit…I don’t really know what that is! Babycenter says pineapple which to me is easier to imagine! After our ultrasound this week, baby at 33 weeks 3 days weighed in at 4lb. 15 ounces. Sources above say this week she should be right over 4 pounds and 17 inches long. So she’s a bit bigger. Not surprising to us. Daddy was 10lb. 8 ounces and mommy was 8 lb. 6 ounces. So if she came a little early, I’m thinking she’ll fare just fine! She’s busy losing wrinkles and growing longer each day.

During our final ultrasound they checked to make sure my placenta moved up. Well, they were not able to get a great measurement because her head is securely fixed in my pelvis…right where it should be. But given what they could see, it seems as if it did move up which means a c-section will not be necessary unless other complications arise. Phew! She’s also curled up along my right side….her bottom is right under my ribcage and her legs extend to the left. So fun to know just where everything is!

How am I feeling?

To be honest, (not complaining) these past couple of weeks have been a little more difficult. I am slowly filling with water. And that’s hard to wrap my mind around. Just one more illustration that we are really not in control of anything. I’ve been walking a lot and eating well and yet the water keeps the scale slowly moving up. This is one area I did have an expectation to land in and I’m feeling a little disappointed that it may not finish as I’d expected. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter…I want her healthy and growing, but on the other hand, filling with water is not comfortable at all for this mommy. Taking one day at a time and hoping for the best!

How am I changing?

Not many changes except for a big belly:) I’ve had more people ask this week if I’m due soon which just makes me laugh a little since I always have to respond…nope, still 5 weeks left! And I’m swollen from the water. But other than that I’m feeling good, I can still do a lot of things, and I’m enjoying every minute of having her grow within me. Pretty miraculous if I do say so myself!

Little Tidbits:

Nursery Additions: Her nightstand arrived and has been put together, monitor is set up, and window shade installed. Still a few things but they’ll get done in the next week or so.
Pounds gained: 1.5, total 27
Names decided: one, she has a name, unless of course we change it at the last minute!
Projects left for nursery: Custom monogram, bookshelves, lamp, chalkboard (I’ll do an update soon!)

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  1. I've been drinking some of this stuff my chiropractor recommended. It's like Gatorade only better for you. She said it helps w/ the water retention, among other things. I've just had 2 or 3 servings each week. Might be worth a try.