Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby B - 31Weeks

Seriously cannot believe it’s been 31 weeks, well 28 weeks really, since we found out we were pregnant! These next 8 seem like they will be here before we know it.
DSC_1429 (2)So many changes around our house this week in preparation for Baby B. Yesterday we picked up our glider and put it in place and during the previous week, Alex installed the chandelier in her closet and most of her things have found a temporary home or have been put in their permanent place. Our shower last weekend went so well. My sister, sister in law, and mother did such a great job organizing and executing everything! Not only that but like I’ve said before this little one is a little spoiled already:) So many fun things were given and I was obviously anxious to put everything away…so for the most part I have:)

This week also marked our first labor class through Amma Maternity and our hospital tour. Both were extremely informative and helpful…I know we’re both happy we went and are both looking forward to our next couple of classes. I’m feeling the need to start packing my hospital bag even though I realize I would be doing it ridiculously early…so in lieu of packing I was hoping everyone could help me out by mentioning some must have’s to take with us!

How big is baby?

This week baby is as big as a pineapple! Other sources say she’s as heavy as 4 oranges. Either way she’s taking up all sorts of room in my tummy. The average babe at this point is just over 16 inches long and just over 3 pounds. Considering she’s measuring ahead, I’d put her at the larger end of things but who knows! She can move her head from side to side and her iris's now react to light! It’s pretty amazing to think of all the things that go on within my uterus considering we were formed from the dust of the earth.

How am I feeling?

Much better than last week I must say. Getting out in the fresh air and walking more has helped keep the swelling down and spending good amounts of time in the Word and prayer have definitely helped my attitude and frustrations. I was getting to be quite the bear and this week things have been looking up. Grateful for grace! Also I’m famished. Seriously, so hungry. I wish she would just move up and squish my stomach so I wasn’t hungry all the time. Yesterday I stocked up on lots of fruit and veggies so at least I can fill the void with things that are good for me.

How am I changing?

Definitely have noticed the difference a big ole tummy makes in getting around. I can’t squeeze through tight spaces anymore and tying my shoes is getting a bit more difficult. Oh and remember last week I mentioned my belly button seemed to be flattening. Hmm…I take that back. It’s back out in full force. Apparently I also look like I’m carrying low, which I am pretty sure I am. The lady at Bachmann’s would not believe me when I told her we were having a girl:)

Little Tidbits:

Cravings this week: Peaches. Where can I buy some?
Days until final shower: 5
Miles walked per day purposefully: about 2
Emotions celebrating Mother’s Day: Go here for more I know far too many, myself included, in which Mother’s day is bittersweet for one reason or another…Thinking of all of you yesterday and sending out hugs!


  1. In response to what to pack for the hospital. . .
    Oriole says a toy for the baby.
    Matt says your camera and phone.
    Erica suggests the staple toiletries, some hospitals have hair dryers, comfortable clothes, snacks for you and Alex (roastd nuts were a good), birth preferences, special clothes for baby, a list of phone numbers in case your phone doesn't get reception, phone charger, Bible, socks . . . It's such an exciting time, happy packing! -Erica

    1. Thanks Baakers! Hope you guys are doing well...nuts sounds like a great choice of snack:)

  2. 1. a good, cute robe - lots of pictures will be taken in it and something you don't mind seeing all your family members in when they visit you in the hospital
    2. if you aren't planning on wearing the hospital gown after, a pair of pjs that button down the front for breast feeding, a nursing bra, and nursing pads
    3. your cutest maternity outfit to leave the hospital in (lots of pictures taken)and I would suggest a loose top, not a form fitting one. Nothing is more depressing then still looking 8mo pregnant in a tight shirt (which look super cute when you are pregnant!) in all your 'going home pictures' holding your baby. (I speak from experience - big mistake with Connor's pictures) :)
    4. slippers for the hospital and flip flops to wear home - my feet were soooo swollen from the IV that I wasn't be able to squeeze my feet in anything else for a couple days (and I never suffered from any swelling during pregnancy, so this was a big suprise).
    5. Of course, makeup and hair stuff. You may feel like your body has been hit by a mack truck, but you don't have to look like it! :)

  3. Snacks! After I had Linus at 4 am I was starving and the kitchen is not open. They had a couple little things, but you might want more.
    Comfy clothes - bring a couple pairs of pants 'cause they may get, um, soiled. :)
    Baby car seat and a few clothes something newborn and something 0-3 mo 'cause you never know what size they will be - I liked to dress mine right away for all the pics instead of using the hospital shirt.