Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby B - 32 Weeks

This past week went by in such a blur…thinking back I’m sure it was a good one. The hard part about writing at the end of the week is just remember what on earth went on! Well I’m grateful this week for google calendar…looks like last week we had tons of fun at our second birthing class, setting up more of the nursery, walking with friends, and garage sale-ing!
I’ve really enjoyed our birthing classes and now that we have finished all three I know Alex and I feel far more informed and prepared for anything that might come our way when this little one comes into the world. As a more tangible/visual learner it was great to see things via video, work through things ahead of time, and practice some practical exercises that may or may not help. We are not preparing a lengthy birth plan. That might be frowned upon, but to be honest, we’re not that type. We’ll have a few bullet point items, but as a first timer, I’m a big believer in walking into new and unfamiliar situations without any preconcieved notions. I don’t want our birth to be disappointing in any way and I know if I came up with a list of our “wish they didn’t happens” and they did, I would tend toward disappointment. What helps is that Alex is completely on the same page and at the end of the day, he has stronger opinions on what he doesn’t want to happen than I do. Hopefully that helps in communicating our preferences to our birth team.

How big is baby?
Baby Girl Brogle is around 3.75 pounds and 16.5 inches long. We had our last ultrasound today to check and see if my placenta moved up…it did:) But we also asked…well begged, our OB to do a growth check as well. What can I say, we’re curious parents. Low and behold at 33 weeks 3 days, baby girl weighed in at 4lbs. 15 ounces and was in the 50% percentile for everything. She’s head down and curved around my right side. Not surprising at all since I feel fists punching my side all day long. While not spinning around inside, she’s busy fattening up, growing hair, and probably feeling a little more squished.

How am I feeling?

Feeling pretty good. We had quite the whirlwind weekend this past week, heading to Milwaukee for our final baby shower. It was such a great time but I was definitely feeling tired and swollen by the time we got back. My feet are still swollen and I feel huge, but those pale in comparison in how excited I am that a baby will be coming into our home in less than 8 weeks…hopefully!

How am I changing?

Not many changes these days except growing larger, which is fine by me if it means a healthy baby at the end. I’m still getting out for walks almost everyday, for between 1-3 miles which feels great and am starting to get a few more things crossed off my list. Not related to me, but I think we landed on a name. A few weeks ago Alex let me in on his name choice, so essentially we each have one, but I have to say after much prayer and consideration, he may have swung me over to his side. So until she’s born we’re calling her by that name, though we’re open to changing it if it just doesn’t fit.

Little Tidbits:

Gratefulness for the generosity of friends and family: OFF THE CHARTS!
Cravings this week: Salt and watermelon; hopefully they cancel each other out and the swelling from salt is appeased by the watermelon? I can hope!
Weight gained: 4 pounds in the last 3 weeks for a total of 25.5
Classes left: Baby care and breastfeeding

Ps…I guess she decided to listen to mommy…she’s now occupying every square inch of my belly and my hunger has been satiated:) Let’s hope this listening thing continues…

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  1. Girl you look SO GREAT!!! And I'm on pins and needles about that name;) PS - Remember I'm a lactation counselor so if you have BF questions let me know!!

    So so soon!!!