Friday, December 23, 2011

And then came you

Late in January, Alexander John came into this world. Strong and fair, weighing in at a hefty 10 pounds. And He knew where he would go and what he would be. As he pounded nails and built cities in his dreams, He was creating in him a passion for His name. And when the day came and he fell on knees broken, He changed him. Old to new, sorrow to joy.  And he waited for her and for this. 32 years.

10 months later, in late November, Andrea Beth was born on her sister’s day. 8 lbs. 6 oz. And He knew where her feet would walk and how her heart would ache. As she rocked babies to sleep with visions of motherhood in her mind, He instead was creating in her a passion for His name. And when her eyes were opened to His glory and she surrendered all, He wrapped her in arms of love, saying He’d never let go. And her hurts were healed, sorrows swept away. And she waited for him and for this. 31 years.

And after years of waiting, He brought boy and girl together.  With a story all their own, and a love so strong, holy covenant made in early September, with laden branches of fruit setting the stage.  And they worshipped Him. Receive the glory, Lord. Joy filled their hearts. The start of life’s adventure.  Together. 5 years of humbling love.

And life continued and they waited, pattering feet on their minds. Vials of medications filling countertops, doctor visits.  Monthly tears, barren womb. Hearts steadfast on His promises. Knowing He was all they need. And they prayed and they asked, “O Lord, only your will…” They walked and their eyes saw the Lord magnified, holding them in sorrow, eyes weeping. Two babies at His feet. Three years they waited on Him.  For this.

And then came you. A sweet answer to prayer. Three years waited, you were given by Him. So unworthy; undeserved kindness from the Lord. You will see, oh we pray, how good and loving our God is. Baby, our hearts were distrusting at times, your life unknown. But He knew. Ours for today.  A blessed little gift, so undeserved.  To ask for days in this fallen, broken world seemed folly, but we so wanted you. To hold and love.  To show just how amazing He is.  How He keeps us and loves us. 

You are grace from Heaven. The Almighty giving. Answered prayer. 

Sweet baby ours, you’re on our minds…hearts and mouths petitioning for more and more grace, for more days we don’t deserve with you, for a lifetime of being mommy and daddy. We love you. And we’ll wait…6 more months until you are in our arms.

We are happy to announce that Baby Brogle is due July 8th, 2012!


  1. We're so thrilled for you all, and praying for you every day! And I started crying after the first sentence of this post. God is so good!

  2. Oh Andrea! Praise God! We'll continue to lift you up in prayer as you carry this precious life within. Blessings on you and the babe! What a beautiful welcome you've written for your new baby.

  3. Andrea - there aren't words. Just happy tears. Seriously, I'm so overwhelmed with joy for y'all. Praise Him!

  4. So very happy for you. Praise to the Giver of good gifts.

  5. Sweet friend I am so excited you get to experience your heart's desire and so much JOY, JOY JOY!!! I will pray for continued health for you and dear baby, that God would sustain and keep him or her, and that He would continue the long path of sanctification for you and Alex that He has been working on these past few years:) Praise God your infertility story ends with a BABY!!! It actually can happen! :) Little Baby Bee is so loved already:)

  6. What a beautiful way to announce your pregnancy! Congratulations.

    I have PCOS and am apparently Clomid-resistant, as well. I will start Femara in a couple weeks. As much I hope that this will work, I keep praying "His will, not mine". God's plan is perfect.

  7. What a beautiful post! Congratulations on your baby! I am so excited for you:)

  8. I think I cried the whole way through...
    Your story of God's love and redemption is something that really moves me! My husband and I are on our 6th year of trying for a family. We did have a total surprise "miracle" baby girl 3 years ago, who is now in Heaven with Jesus. We're ridiculously grateful for her making us parents, but we can't wait for the Lord to move again so that we'll have our earthly family too. I know God is faithful, but the road is still long and tiresome. Some days are just hard, ya know? :) I'm so glad I stubbled on your blog while looking for a strawberry limeaide recipe!!

    1. Thanks Leslie! Thanks for sharing your story...God's got an incredible story just waiting to unfold for you and we pray that story includes babies!