Thursday, June 9, 2011

character is everything

After I busted my myth I heard from many how encouraging that post was.  You’re not alone.  Just because I wrote it doesn’t mean I haven’t been back to read it again, and again.  Why?  Because I need to be continually reminded of who God is.

The hubby and I were talking about the post the other day.  I was asking where his mind goes when hard things come.  Inevitably he stated exactly where my heart goes.  To the character of God.  That’s one of my husband’s best qualities.  You see, when we started this journey, he was the first one to remind me that children are not a promise or guarantee, they’re a blessing.  He reminded me how good God has been and is still today.  He’s reaffirmed what I know to be true.

You see, the character of God, is all you need.  That’s a big statement, but I believe it.  When I began walking with the Lord back in middle school, it was God’s love for me that drew me in.  When a boyfriend of 4 years broke my heart for my good in college, it was God’s shelter that I rested in. When my step-father passed away 6 years ago, it was God’s faithfulness that drew me back.

You see, my God is who He says He is.  Do you know who He is?  Have you asked Him?  My daily prayer for as long as I can remember has been to ask God to show me who He is.  More of His character.  He’s been faithful to answer. 

       "For I, the LORD, do not change” (Malachi 3:6a)

These past years I’ve needed the character of God.  In my mind, on my heart, quick and accessible.  You see, His character renounces every sly little lie Satan hopes we will believe.  Our finite little minds cannot fully comprehend who a perfect person is, how they interact with us or make decisions.  How they love or discipline. 

But that’s who God is.  He’s perfect.  Perfect in his love, in his discipline, in his glory.  This is how it daily plays out. 

Satan comes a-calling. 

“Andrea, isn’t it horrible that you can’t have kids.  Look at that 16 year old bursting with life in her womb.  How could God give her life but not give it to you.” 
”Isn’t it so sad to see that person we love hurting so much.  That disease is eating them away.  Why won’t God change that?  Why would He let it happen?  It’s just not fair.”

Here’s where my mind goes, hopefully sooner than later. 

“ God is good.  He loves me.  He is the giver of good gifts.  He is the creator of the human race, children are a blessing not a guarantee.  God is all-knowing and there is a good reason that girl is pregnant.”
”God’s ways are above my ways.  He is healer.  Disease is part of the fallen world.  He cares more than I could imagine for that person.  He never promised that this life would be easy or fair, but He said He’d be with us. I’m so thankful that my loved one is trusting in Jesus and will go home soon.”

These words can only have affect on my heart if I’m trusting by faith that they are true, otherwise I’ll simmer in discontentment and self-pity.  I read in the word that God loves me and that there is no evil in Him.  To truly believe this I try to picture what an all-loving person would look like.  In discipline.  In hardship.  Would they do things to someone out of spite or disappointment?  No.  They are all good and any discipline or hardship is out of love, with a sanctifying reason.  You have to ask God to give you the faith to believe who He says He is.  

Learning who He is can be so practical but so many of us buck against having to do anything.  Legalism has so skewed our minds.  He wants to know you and you want to know Him.  If we ask God to show us more of Himself and to give us more faith I can assure you this will be a prayer He will answer in His timing. He speaks to you through His word; it comes in many forms.  It’s that easy and that practical.  Open your Bible.  He will meet you and show you.   It’s filled with who He is.  Go there, He’ll join you.

These next months I’m going  to explore the character of God.  He is who He says He is.  I want to know Him in ways I never imagined.  So I can fight.

When Satan comes, daily, are you ready?

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