Tuesday, June 14, 2011

House inspiration

Although we didn’t get the house we thought we always wanted a few months ago, we’re content to wait a little longer for another gem to come around.  That being said, I’m still gathering inspiration! 

I am 99% sure that the house we will purchase next will either be a short sale or a foreclosure.  It will need work, hopefully not too much, and we will most likely do it a little at a time.  No giant flips for us for our own house!

Did you hear the word “flip”?  Well we are not flipping again but I’m drawing inspiration from the flip we did last year.  I loved so many things about that house.  The details really drew me in and I know if given the chance, we’d try to incorporate some of them.

Here’s some inspiration and I’ll tell you what I love along the way:

Binder #366 South Face After 2
I loved this kitchen; the white cabinets, white subway tile backsplash and the dark wood floors.  I definitely could cook a meal here.  That being said, I also really love this kitchen, it’s exact opposite.  We’ll see how daring we are.

On to bathrooms.  The following is the Master bathroom that we created; it was soothing and absolutely gorgeous if I do say so myself.  I love the classic simplicity.  But then again I do have a more colorful side:)

Binder #39 South Face After 1

The jazzed up selection below is very similar to the bathroom above, just with a punch of color.

Basically I like my classic style with a twist of spunky color.  I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it.  Now to get the hubby on board with some color.

What inspires you for your home?  Do you like color or are you more neutral?


  1. Oh you know i'm nuetral all the way. But you'd be proud I'm looking for some bright yellow pillows and throws for my living room, and other yellow touches. I think i want to do kelly green piunches in my kitchen too

  2. I am overall neutral - very Room and Board-ish, as most of our furniture is from there. I like color - but deep, muted type. The powder room is dark eggplant, the family room has a deep red/orange wall, the kitchen is dark brown with cherry cabinets and a light wood floor and stainless appliances, the living room and dining room have some dark green walls, our room has a dark purply brown wall. Makes my house sound depressing :) But with lots of vaults and windows, the colors don't seem dark. Hannah's room is light yellow and pink! Just painted Noah's room with 2 navy walls for the solar system and stars and light -up moon since he loves space. I like minimalistic, simple lines and style with iron and stainless steel. I don't even have curtains, just wood blinds. :) I am inspired by R&B catalogues and show room and Crate and Barrel.