Saturday, October 4, 2014

To Meghan…the Story of your Birth

Dear Meghan Joy,

It all started weeks before your birth. Momma went in for her 36 week appointment and of course, after being checked got really excited that your arrival would be near. Your sister came at 37w6d and I was sure you would follow in her footsteps. Except you didn’t. And I don’t ever want to expect that again. Because this wouldn’t be your story if I did.

Instead you were all snuggled up inside of me, burrowing in and had no thoughts of coming out anytime soon. And so the weeks trickled by, us always awaiting something to happen. And then at my 38 week appointment, because I was progressed enough, our doctor asked if we had any desire to meet you in your 39th week, to have momma induced.

And my first thought was of uncertainty. We hadn’t thought induction was an option and yet it sounded like a great one for our situation. Daddy had some time off of work before things were about to get crazy, mommy could have the ease of mind that your sister would have consistent and loving care while we were gone, and well, we could meet you soon, which was the best part of all.

The induction was scheduled for September 25th, 2014 the day of your Nana’s birth, a special added touch to the occasion. And on the eve of that day, your daddy and I could not sleep. Mommy woke at 4:30 am and Daddy at 5 and there we sat, early morning sun and coffee in our hands preparing our hearts to meet you later that day. There wasn’t the grand fanfare of water breaking or laboring, but there was the quiet and the silence and the simplicity of going in together, knowing your day had arrived.

And as a bonus, your sister awoke early and snuggled in momma’s arms for 30 minutes before we left. It eased my heart and helped me let go…for I knew that when I returned our lives would never be the same. In a good way. And before we left the house we let Nana and Papa in on our name for you, for Papa had guessed it the night before. We were off to meet our Meghan Joy.2014-09-24 12.07.07

And that’s how the entire event kind of played out. Daddy and I were able to take everything in. Absent were cameras (for the most part), and video, and texts and distractions, and instead we were breathing everything in. Letting the whole event etch into our minds. From check in and IV insertion to the start of Pitocin and mild cramping. Everything about it was different from your sister and just the way it was meant to be. Even though it seems we took things into our own hands, momma has no doubt that this was just the way the Lord for saw your coming before time began.

By 9:30 am my water was broken and things were just getting started. The doctor and nurses were joking with momma because I refused to put on a hospital gown opting instead for my own comfortable clothing. I made Daddy rush out and buy me breakfast whlie we were waiting because I knew once they got started they were not going to let me eat anything. Good thing the nurse didn’t yell at me;)

Daddy and I watched tv and talked and laughed and enjoyed the experience together as things progressed. From the frantic nurse who drove momma crazy trying to help throughout contractions to the intern shadowing momma’s doctor, things were quite comical which helped the time fly by.

By around 3:00, after hours of intensifying contractions I was checked and had progressed to a 6. By this time the contractions had been coming every 2 minutes and lasting a minute for almost an hour. I stood at the end of my bed and just swayed back and forth and around this time I turned to your daddy and just flat out asked “I don’t really want to do this do I?” And he looked me straight in the eye and said “No.” And out daddy walked to the nurses station and asked for an epidural. We had the nicest anesthesiologist, who chatted with Daddy about golf and within 60 minutes my epidural was in and working. Although the nurse anesthetist said I shouldn’t be completely numb, I was from the waist down. Could not move a muscle with was equally comical as well.

Then we just waited. After 60 minutes the nurse and Dr. came back in to check me again and I was already a 10. It must be a fact that I cannot calm myself enough to allow labor to progress because both times I’ve had an epidural I’ve progressed rapidly once it was in. And the doctor got ready and before I knew it, it was time to push. During the pushing your heart rate was dropping a bit and the doctor would tickle your scalp…it’s the same tip momma uses when you fall asleep nursing. From beginning of pushing to the end totaled only 20 minutes. It was crazy fast for this momma who pushed for an hour with your sister.

And the whole time it just became clearer and clearer that you were coming soon. That you would join our family and life would never be the same again…in a good way. Before I knew it the Doctor looked at me and said, “Pull her up!” And I looked down grabbed you right under your armpits and pulled your tiny body up. You were so incredibly precious and so incredibly tiny.

And I looked up at your daddy with tears in my eyes and they met his eyes, glassy with tears. We were so grateful that God gave us you and that you were healthy and here. It was incredibly surreal. And we drank the whole experience in. Daddy cut your cord and then we just both snuggled in the bed taking turns holding you and momma nursed you. The whole experience was different than your sisters, not necessarily better or worse, just different. Which seems so right to me. For you are both unique.2014-09-24 20.47.59

And after just 45 minutes we looked up when we heard a knock and there was your big sister ready to meet you. And the way she loves you is so precious…she loves to hold you and snuggle you and show you toys and teach you about Jesus. I can only pray your friendship and sisterhood will continue to grow in a positive and enriching way for you both. Siblings so close in age is something your daddy and I have never experienced and we can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

2014-09-24 20.50.53

And that my dear, is the story of your birth. So straightforward and without drama and yet so perfectly planned from before time began. For God knew just how you would come and it was incredibly joy filled and perfect.

2014-09-25 17.19.27

Praising Jesus for you Meghan Joy…our unexpected miracle.

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  1. Andrea J SutherlandOctober 4, 2014 at 6:31 PM

    Brings tears to my eyes. Praising the Lord with you!