Saturday, September 27, 2014

Notes from the second time around

Now that baby Meghan is here (update to come) I'm wanting to get down as many of the thoughts running through my mind before they are forgotten.

Today is our first day home, as a family of four, and so far things are going far better than I could have imagined.

I owe much of it to my amazing husband. I can remember when we brought Elizabeth home and everything was so new for both of us. I was the more experienced one with babies and so I took much of it in stride. Alex was a bit more in the "this is all out of my comfort zone" stage.

This time around you can tell we have a two year old. We are both much more seasoned and things that seemed strange or different are now so normal. The experience that comes with the first has allowed this birth and first day home to be more of a joint effort. Seriously my heart swells with love and pride when I watch Alex with his girls. The guy that seemed so tentative the first time is incredibly confident this time around. 

And since I treat the blog as a bit of a family journal, this is more for my recollection:)


Elizabeth: with her it was longer (14 hrs), I progressed differently, and her entrance into the world was met with a bit more uncertainty. I pushed for an hour and needed stitches. After her birth she was whisked away pretty quickly and did skin to skin first with Alex. I didn't nurse her until an hour and a half postpartum.

Meghan: I was induced (electively), progressed to a 6 within 6 hours, got my epidural, within 90 minutes was at a 10, pushed for 15-20 min. and didn't need any stitches. I was able to pull her up and they allowed us so much time with her, which we loved! Nursing began soon after.

Similarities: Epidurals with both which progressed my dilation rapidly. Both were incredibly positive experiences.


Elizabeth: I gained 35-37 pounds, lost 10 by day 3 postpartum. I had a linea negra, I swelled up like a balloon, and has some darkened facial spots. 

Meghan: I gained 33 pounds and lost 11 by day 2 postpartum. I had swelling again, but not nearly as bad. No line or facial spots but instead a herniated belly button. 


Elizabeth: Since I had stitches things were a bit more sore but I was up and moving as soon as I switched rooms. We stayed for 3 days in the hospital because she failed her first hearing test and had some slight jaundice. First night home was a bit of a challenge. Also Elizabeth by day 4 was down 10 ounces.

Meghan: Since things were a bit less intense I was able to be discharged just 24 hours after she was born. I was also up and moving by 2 hours postpartum and we didn't need to stay any longer because jaundice and hearing tests were passed with flying colors. It is SO good to be at home...first night was similar but I did get some good chunks of sleep. Meghan at discharge on day 2 was only down an ounce from her birth weight. 

Seriously, I can hardly believe these two miracles that are in front of our eyes. As we drove home last night for both Alex and I it was a bit of a surreal moment. Incredibly blessed. We are so happy to be home and are taking things easy...just being lazy as our new family of four. 

And Elizabeth, well she's ecstatic and loves helping and watching and holding her baby sister!

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