Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cheers to us…8 years in

All that we’ve accomplished You have done for us
And any fruit we harvest is a gift from Your hand


We are only jars of clay that hold a priceless treasure
And we exist to bring You pleasure, O God


Only by Your mercy can we come to You
Though we deserved Your judgment You have called us by name


So we glory in the cross of Christ that made us Yours forever
That joined our lives together to sing

DSC_0089 (2) 
Not to us, but to Your name alone
Be all the glory, the glory, forever

For Your faithfulness and steadfast love 
Receive the glory, the glory belongs to You.

Eight years married. Almost 10 years together. And so much has happened. Distinctly I remember this song playing as we lit our unity candle and began this journey together. And every word of the song we chose rings true.

All given by Him. All taken by Him. All joined by Him. All called by Him.

God has brought us low, held us up, sanctified and purified us.

He has lavishly poured out HIs grace and love and good gifts and we have not deserved any of it. All is an incredible gift.

I am certain we would have never written our story the way it has unraveled and yet I am equally certain there is  not a thing we would change, because we have made each other so much better.

to us, on our 8th anniversary

(lyrics from Receive the Glory by Sovereign Grace Music)

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