Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Lately on a Monday

Life is beginning to get a bit full.

Not the day to day as much as the weighing of the to-do list, activities, birthdays, and general life. As a rule I tend to slow down in the summers…getting somewhere before 9:30am is difficult as we have already begun enjoying our long leisurely mornings. I tend to play outside and go more places in the summer to take advantage of the three good months of the year before having to pack up the summer things and hibernate for the winter.

Today we headed to the pool to use our annual pass and it was perfect. So perfect our darling girl We had my dad and step-mom in town over the weekend and between Father’s day festivities and a full Saturday playing with G&G, she was a tired girl.

Speaking of tired girls, we put the crib rail back up on her bed. This doesn’t deserve it’s own post in the least. For 2 1/2 weeks she did okay but the thing we noticed the most was that her wake up time got earlier and her naps got shorter. That combination was enough for us to throw in the towel and buy another crib mattress for the baby. With her naps down to 45 minutes and her waking up screaming and still tired, we’re now back to normal and this mommy can breathe again knowing I have at least 90 minutes to get things done during naptime.

So this weekend while my dad and step-mom were in town we headed out to get some bedding for the nursery. After picking it all out we realized that it didn’t quite work with the chair and due to a brilliant idea from my step-mom, the chair went out the window, literally today, while Alex was installing the new one.


Remember how he wasn’t going to take it out the way it came in? Well I lucked out. I’m so happy that it will be moving with me down to our spare bedroom/craft space as I truly love the chair. With the chair gone I’ve come up with a game plan I love for the nursery…here’s the direction we are headed.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

The gray wall color and rug are staying put and the photo of the crib above is basically the same one my mom has although it’s a drop-side and super old. We will modify the crib but free is better than buying new. As far as the bedding, etc. goes, it will all be white. The white ruffle collection from Pottery Barn Kids and their ruffle edge blackout curtains. I probably would not have gone all out with this room but when someone is begging to buy you new things the polite thing to do is say “yes and thank you!” I love the artwork for the walls and since the wooden closet doors and base trim are staying put for now the crib will not be the only wooden piece in the room. We plan to do a double rod in all the bedrooms now that our new windows are in with sheers on the interior and curtains on the top rod. We had wooden blinds in each of the rooms but our windows are far too pretty now to have shade on them:) And as far as the chair goes, cheap and utilitarian from IKEA since I can’t bring myself to steal Elizabeth’s nursery glider. We still use it all the time with her. Spoiled girl!

Other weekend ramblings…if you are in the Twin Cities you should run to the Edina Grill and eat the Toad in the Hole breakfast (puff pastry, Parmesan, bacon, roasted tomatoes, fried egg, arugula salad, hash browns). I’m still savoring it’s goodness. Elizabeth made out like a bandit with early birthday celebrations and her new baby and stroller are prized possessions.


I wish we would have just invested in this stroller in the first place. The big wheels don’t bang our walls, it’s quiet, she can’t sit in it and there are no buckles anywhere. They thought of parents when they build this one.

So that’s our little update. Things are beginning to fall back into place and as soon as all this rainy weather passes through we are hoping to get our brick painted and the rest of the windows in. The transformation on the outside and inside is pretty amazing…although we have a long ways to go.



That was a wordy, random, long post.

Happy Monday!

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