Friday, February 28, 2014

Life lately

Well it’s Friday and there will be no Great House Update post today unfortunately. I have the entire post written on our exterior project but somehow I cannot find any of the pictures. I even snuck on my husband’s computer and no luck. I could have sworn I stood outside throughout the fall and early winter admiring the work he did and I’m certain someone took pictures. But alas, he’s out of town so maybe next week?

Instead of a house update post, I have a life lately post. Since Sunday afternoon Alex has been living it up skiing in Whistler, Canada while the girl and I try to maintain average body temperatures due to record lows for this time of year. It’s really depressing when you see the temperature ready to reach double digits only to realize the wind-chill makes it still feel like –10. Regardless, we’ve ventured out quite a bit and were very grateful Grandma ventured over to help break up our week.

This week we ate lunch on the kitchen counter because we were dog sitting for my cousin and Elizabeth is still a little afraid of dogs. I’m not sure if puppies will be able to come over again because ever since the puppy left she gets a bit terrified that he’s still in the house. (even though we’ve said bye-bye a hundred times to the puppy)


We’ve been a bit sleepy. Anyone else’s kids get super tired when they are experiencing a mental/physical leap? She’s been sleeping in, napping normally, going to be earlier and is still a bit sleepy in the afternoon. From experience this will be short lived but I’m enjoying all the snuggles that come with it!


And we HAVE to let baby do everything we do. Baby is now accompanying us on errands and must be within site at all times. This morning she even fed baby breakfast. Such a good little mommy.


We’re very excited to welcome Alex home tonight and to spend a very low-key weekend with one another. Not too mention, Friday means pizza night which is always a win in my book.

Have a very enjoyable weekend!

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