Monday, July 22, 2013

Things are evolving

The time has come and this little blog of mine is entering a new phase. Come & Abide was born out of a personal blog I created almost 7 years ago. It seems crazy to me that I’ve been writing, documenting our lives, for that long and yet some days it just seems like not so long ago.

I’m so grateful for the years I’ve been writing, documenting our lives on the page, creating memories. And while I have no plans to try and increase readership, monetize my blog, or anything else, I do want to try and continue to writing and documenting.

And for years I’ve invited you along, into the journey along with me, and I’m forever grateful that there are even people who read this let alone find anything helpful or encouraging, because I’d still be writing even if my own mother were the only one reading. I realize that after having Elizabeth the words have left me a bit and things have become a little dry, but I miss my voice. And I’m hoping that this next change will help me to stay focused on writing and reflecting.

So…Come & Abide now has a Facebook page. Please “like” the page to keep up with blog posts if that is your main way of connecting to the blog as I will likely taper off on posting new posts to my personal page.


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Here’s to the next 7 years and all the Lord brings…

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