Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back on the run

This morning I ran with Elizabeth around a local lake by our house. And we’ve been at it for a few weeks now. Running together. 2-3 times per week unless it was unbearably hot in which I rarely ran. (old picture below…)


And I have mixed thoughts. As evidenced by my scatterbrained thoughts while running without music. This morning my thoughts went something like this:

“This is so nice to be outside, hear the birds, leaves rustling. God thank you for creating all this beauty.”

“God, why didn’t you make me a Kenyan. I seriously don’t know if I can do this any longer. (look at clock) Ugh…it’s only been a few minutes, 7 more to go.”

“I wonder if my right forearm is going to get all muscular from pushing the stroller…better switch arms so I don’t end up looking ridiculous.”

“Oh look, some geese. Perfect. I’ll stop for a little breather and show Elizabeth.” (ahh…feels good to stop.)

“The weather sure is nice today…ugh, just started running against the wind.”

“Finally, I’m feeling good. Things are getting easier. (clock beeps to let me know it’s time for the cool down)

Interesting thoughts no? Seriously I’m glad I have the chance to run and clear my mind. So many noteworthy thoughts this morning. um, no.

Well at least we survived to run again and so far Elizabeth remains calm and under control while in the stroller. It may be due to the fact that I run right before her nap and also pray that she will not fall asleep.

Just in case anyone is wondering I am not a natural born runner. In fact I really just run because I’m able, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it seems to keep me active and may or may not keep me in shape. Jury is still out on that one. I can remember back to the 6th grade when I had to run a mile for the first time. President’s challenge. I’m pretty sure I remember feeling completely and utterly out of place. My need to fit in and not look like an absolute fool flew out the window as I ran-walked half choking, gasping for air around the track. Somehow all my peers were in perfect physical shape. Humiliating to say the least. I’ve been trying to regain any running composure since. In fact today when it was getting hard I internally mocked myself… “Andrea this is nothing. You’ve ran 13 miles before. Get a grip.” All the self-deprecating talk did nothing to my time. Just made me think I was even more crazy than before and just in case you think I ran far, there were only 2 miles plus some walking breaks on the plan today. Can’t believe I just admitted that. But to my defense the path was hilly and I was pushing a 24 pound toddler.

Somehow I roped myself into running a 5k this fall with my friend Anne. She had the nerve to take my plea for running friends on Facebook seriously. A few days after posting she looked me right in the eye and asked if I was serious. I couldn’t back out now so I agreed and ever since I’ve been trying to check off the boxes on my Couch to 5k app. Seriously without this app I’d be toast.

And there you have it. I’m back running. Slowly but surely feeling quite like a tortoise but at least I’ve got a running partner and a beautiful trail to run, even if it means my thoughts scatter all about.

Running clears the head they say and I’d have to say I agree.


  1. Just wait until you run that 5k WITHOUT the stroller....you'll feel like you are flying!

    1. Unfortunately we made the (unwise) decision to run our 5k WITH the strollers...but may still try for a half this fall and I know all our stroller running will be a great help with that:)