Friday, July 19, 2013

Foodie Friday: White Pizzas

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Our dinner on Wednesday night garnered a “10” by Alex. Just so you know I can count on two hands the number of times a meal has been given that status in our almost 7 year marriage. Lots of “9’s” but a “10” is almost unheard of. I would have to agree with him that dinner the other night was pretty much amazing.
And just to let you know, this meal came together in almost 30 minutes and was incredibly easy. I know I like to cook and some meals may seem easy to me but mind boggling to others, but this one truly is easy. And it’s great to make it when it’s super steamy out like the 100 degree days we’ve been having as the dough will rise super fast outside:)
For our white pizzas I followed Ina Garten’s (my food idol) recipe almost to a T. First off halved it. That’s easy, just reduce all ingredients in half. Then I only used mozzarella cheese, I added pepperoni under the cheese, eliminated the thyme and added grape tomatoes to the salad on top. These were just minor changes that suited our tastes better but I can tell you that nothing beats cold salad atop steaming pizza.
It’s sublime.
Here’s a link to Ina’s recipe…White Pizzas with Arugula…make this now.


  1. Just pinned it! I can't wait to cook in the new kitchen. :)