Sunday, September 9, 2012

Looking ahead

This cooler weather we’ve experience up here in the north has me longing to put on a scarf and jump in the leaves. And yet, tomorrow it could be balmy and warm…such is life up here. So as I wait for the day when the cooler weather is here to stay, I’ve got autumn on my mind. Every year we try to do some fun things to celebrate one of our favorite times of year and now that we have Elizabeth I think we’ll actually pull off more than usual. That might seem odd, but now it feels like we’re making family memories that are far more fun even with a 3 month old in tow.

So while some of these are rather idyllic and cliché, they really are some of our favorites and anyone with kids can I’m sure relate; we’ll probably only get to a few. Even so, the few we get to will be enjoyed wholeheartedly!

Without further ado, our fall bucket list…

fall bucket

And with that, I’m off to switch out our closets in hopes that cooler weather is here to stay. What are your favorite ways to enjoy autumn?

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